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Buffalo Commercial Advertiser reports on January 31

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Buffalo Commercial Advertiser reports on January 31st 1857 “Steamer Superior, cargo and supplies and passengers, lost rudder and drifted ashore on Lake Superior, in a severe gale, total loss 35 lives.” In the end many families were torn apart. Sisters, brothers, husbands and wives were lost but the survivors maintained their original intent and continued on in the lives. Stronger and weaker as a result of their loss.

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Final scenes for Lake Superior

Scene 11:

Mabel: Well, you look beautiful.

Melissa: thank you. I know it has not been easy.

Mabel: Today is about you, dear. You will start your life with your husband today.

Melissa: Husband, it seems odd to think of Kevin as my husband.

Mabel: Well, Dear, here is something borrowed. It’s a pendant your father gave me when I last saw him before Superior went down.

Melissa: I cannot.
Mabel: It’s only borrowed. I get it back after the ceremony.

Jonathan: Knock, the bride ready to be walked down the aisle?

Mabel: Your father would be proud to have you stand in for him. (Pause, take a moment)You look handsome and so like him.

Jonathan: Well, we sail next week. I believe I will not have to even wash, as long as I can manage to stay away from any drunks at the reception.

Melissa: There had better not be any drunks at the reception.

Jonathan: I was referring to the girl I have been courting. (forced laugh) You will get to meet her tonight, and she is rather nervous.

Mabel: I am sure she is delightful

Melissa:. Both Jonathan and I are grateful for all that you have done for us. I do not know how you were able to get through father's death and still create such a loving home  We want you to come and stay with Kevin and I at the Four Sisters Ranch. We don't want you to be alone.

Mabel: I did what had to be done. The two of you gave me a reason to live. Thank you for the offer, but I have a modest place by the water that I enjoy.  You will also want me to have my own place to keep my grandchildren.

Melissa: Mother

Mabel: I want you to know the love for a child. Your father and I grew so much closer when you and Jonathan were born.

Melissa: I wish father was here to share this day with us
Mabel: Oh, he knows.
Jonathan: Yes, I can feel him when I'm out on the water.
(Everyone hugs, and Jonathan starts to lead his sister out of the room. wedding music on recorder starts up)
Jonathan: I think I hear the wedding music start up.

Melissa: I think I'm ready.

Jonathan: Yes, sis. You look beautiful, but that is the last time I will say it, so enjoy the moment.

Capt. Jones: You will be a beautiful grandmother.

Mabel: Thank you.

(The two stop and turn.)

Melissa: Mother did you say something.

Scene 12:
Kevin, Bridget and Patricia at the four sisters Ranch.

Kevin: Patricia, you have wandered far off in your thoughts.

Patricia: Yes, today marks nine years from the tragedy.

Kevin: It was a terrible thing.

Bridget: Aye

Kevin: But you two must always try to remember the good.

Bridget: It’s hard to do so all the time.

Patricia: We did find our husbands aboard the “Superior”. .

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