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Scene change

-The family will stand behind the people praying, with Kevin entering….

(Mr. Minter and his four sisters: Katherine, Patricia, Colleen, and Bridget are squatters, and they are emigrating from Ireland to America. Their mother and father passed away in Ireland. They are concerned about their financial future. They plan on ranching.)

Kevin: I have maintained passes aboard the Superior; it sets sail at 10 o’clock tomorrow.

Katherine: Kevin, it’s too expensive.

Kevin: Katherine do not worry. When mother and father passed, I was able to sell enough of their land and possessions to secure safe travel and still have enough to start up a home and ranch. We will do well for ourselves. We will have to work hard, but we can do it.

Patricia: Kevin, thank you

Kevin: I am the one blessed. You four keep me alive. (Looking curiously at Bridget.) Bridget, I cannot remember a time when you were this quiet? Perhaps when you were in the womb?

Bridget: Oh, Kevin, it appears your wit has no end.

Kevin: What is that in your hand?

Bridget: Just something I found.

Kevin: It seems as though it is a note.

Bridget: It’s a poem that I've been memorizing; it reminds me of Ireland and makes me think of the beautiful times with Mama and Papa.

Kevin: I did not know you were a strong reader?

Bridget: Papa was able to spend some time with me in the evenings and pass on some of his learnings. I am working on learning new words and increasing my vocabulary. My penmanship leaves much to be desired.

Kevin: Read us the poem, little sister, my smart little sister.

Bridget: An Irish Blessing: May the Irish Hills caress you

May the lakes and rivers bless you

May the luck of the Irish enfold you

May the blessings of St. Patrick behold you

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
His Love to guard me through the night,
And wake me in the morning's light.[1]

Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
thy angels watch me through the night,
And keep me safe till morning's light.[1]

Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
Angels watch me through the night,
And wake me with the morning light.

May the Irish Hills caress you

May the lakes and rivers bless you

May the luck of the Irish enfold you

May the blessings of St. Patrick behold you

During the scene change some kind of instrumental music that is seaman like….playing in the background of most of the scene-maybe even a sailor or man aboard the ship is playing

Scene 4: The boarding of the Superior at Sault Ste. Marie, at the docks, Goodbyes to loved ones.

Rebecca and Father Benedict enter:

(Rebecca has a note she is looking at)

Father Benedict: Do you have everything? This is the final part in our journey.

Rebecca: Everything important is right here (touching stomach)

Father Benedict: what were you looking at?

Rebecca: I am writing a lullaby for him or her. I tend to think it will be a girl but either will make me happy.

Father B: your positive outlook is such a blessing-thank you for being such a great example of looking to the positive things in life

Rebecca: I have to-focusing on the tragedy does not help me, I want to be a strong mother and in order to do that I must look to the good.

Father B: Well, with that being said-I look forward to our time upon this ship. (go on boat)

Boatsmen taking luggage, people hugging and waving, boatsmen checking the rigging on the vessels

Kevin: Do my lovely sisters have everything?

Bridget: One day we will have men carrying trunks filled with our petticoats and gowns that we didn't have to sew.

Patricia: I do like your fantasies, Bridget.

Aiden: I’ll carry that for the pretty lady.

Conner: Let me help you, you should not be carrying this with those delicate hands.

Bridget: Thank you, You sound as if you are also from Ireland.

Conner: Many people around Lake Superior have emigrated from Ireland. We all are starting to sound the same.

Aiden: All of the crew migrated from Ireland and many people around Michigan have come from our land and with a name like Aiden Dempsey

Conner: And Conner Brody

Patricia and Bridget: Very…Veryy.

All four: Irish (the all laugh)

Kevin: This will be a new beginning for us (all of them hug and smile).

(Sue and Mrs. Bennett are also boarding-they are not Irish, they have a slight British inflection to their voices)

Conner: Aye, let me help you miss

Sue: She is a Mrs. Even though my father passed she still is a Mrs.

Conner: I am sorry. I meant no disrespect

Mrs. Bennet: None taken kind sir. It has been a difficult time for us. Sue you must try and make things kinder.

( Mr. AJ Foster and sister start boarding.)

Abigail: AJ, this boat has seen many a trip.

AJ: Abby, you worry too much; all will be fine. Look! There is the captain; perhaps he can calm your nerves. Captain, you are an experienced sailor; my sister needs some reassurance before the journey.

Capt. Jones: Madam, you have nothing to fear; it is late October and the ship will sail late into November. Do not worry the seas are still calm until early December.

Abigail: Have you lost any passengers?

Capt. Jones: No miss, I haven't, and I can assure you that you are the most precious cargo on the ship.

Melissa: Father!!! (runs up and hugs)

Capt. Jones: (To AJ and Abigail) Excuse me. (Turning to Melissa and family.) What is this?

Wife: We wanted to watch you set sail.

Jonathan: Father, here (Capt. Jones starts opening it). No don't read it now; read it later.

Capt. Jones: Thank you for coming. I thought when we said good bye last night that-

Wife: Shhhhh, I needed to see you. It is tough to be the wife of a captain, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Capt. Jones: I love you

Scene 5: Music and dancing (something Irish from Mr. Minter and his sister’s singing)

(All passengers are in cabin; some are seated others are playing musical instruments lightly in the background while others are eating, unpacking whatever.)

(Stage right Mrs. Bennett and daughter are having a private conversation while instrumentalist are behind them laughing and singing.)


Mrs. Bennet: Are you comfortable?

Sue Bennett (daughter); Yes.

Mrs. Bennett: would you like something to eat?

Sue Bennett: No.

Mrs. Bennett: I have an apple.

Bridget: We know many songs.

Sue Bennett: No, mother, this is nice just being here looking out at the water and listening to the laughter.

Mrs. Bennett: Yes, it is….I just want you to be happy.

Sue Bennett: I am mother; I am.

Mrs. Bennett: We need to make a new start for ourselves. We are the only family left.

Sue Bennett: We will, I am looking forward to our future mother.

Kevin: The Superior is 191 feet long and 28 feet wide

Captain: That is correct, are you enjoying your journey?

Kevin: It appears so, two of my sisters have become quite fond of your sailors.

Captian: Oh let them have their fun, although I understand, it is hard for me to place my daughter as a grown woman but alas, I do believe that one day I will have to accept it.

Kevin: I just want to do right by my sisters. I have placed my life on hold until I my sisters are settled. Family is the most important part of a man’s life.

Captain: Yes, indeed it is, my son handed me this before we boarded and my entire family made the early morning journey just to see me.

Kevin: Family truly multiplies our joy

Captain:….and divides our sorrows, yes, they do, they truly do

Abigail: I cannot find my rosary

AJ: Abby do not worry when we get to superior city I will purchase -

Abigail: It was mother’s rosary, I need it

Father Benedict: Pardon me, I could see that you were in distress

AJ: Father, my sister has misplaced our mother’s rosary

Father Benedict: Ahh then she needs to pray to St. Anthony

Abigail: I’m sorry

Father Benedict: St. Anthony is the patron saint of lost things. One must pray to him and he will help you find what is lost. Sailors pray to St. Anthony for safe voyage along the sea so one will not get lost.

Abigail: I was searching for the rosary so that I could pray for safe travel.

AJ: Abigail, do not worry we will be in Superior City by tomorrow.

Abigail: I do not trust this ship and the water is troubling. Look at the dark clouds on the horizon, that does not fair well for safe travels.

AJ: Father, I have tried to calm my sister, perhaps you have some words of comfort that could help her.

Father Benedict: Comfort can be found within Psalms

Psalm 107: 28 Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble,
    and he brought them out of their distress.
29 He stilled the storm to a whisper;
    the waves of the sea[b] were hushed.
30 They were glad when it grew calm,
    and he guided them to their desired haven.
31 Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love
    and his wonderful deeds for mankind.

Abigail: Thank you Father, I have remembered where I placed the rosary (exit stage left)

Rebecca: This is God’s country.

Father Benedict: Yes, well, I believe all is God’s country.

Rebecca: Of Course, I haven’t thanked you for accompanying me on this trip. I do not know how well I would have faired without you along side me.

Father Benedict: It has been my pleasure. I was honored to be escort you. I am sorry about your husband, may he rest in peace….I am here to make the transition to your new life a little easier.

Rebecca: I have written a lullaby for my baby. It is simple, but it helps me to focus on the excitement of new life, instead of the loss. All songs celebrate life

Kevin: Yes, I believe that all songs do celebrate life

(dancing scene)

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