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Lake Superior

(original work created and written by Patricia and David Emmert, based on the true story of the steamboat Superior and the history of what occurred on October 29th, 1856)

Jonathan: Father, I wanted to write you this letter because it seemed a better way to tell you how I feel. I know that you want me to work hard on my studies and I will. I know that being a captain is difficult on the family and it takes a lot of responsibility but all I can think about is one day being as important as you, father. I want to work aboard a ship and hope to one day be a captain and make you proud. I also heard that the captian is considered the most handsome man aboard the ship……

Abigail: Mother, sorry I was gone so long, there was someone at the door as I was preparing your tea. Mother…..Mother…please, No, ……(looking up at the heavens) help me, I do not know what to do…….

Rebecca: Robert, I have news will cheer you…..we are going to have a child, I know that look-do not worry, we can travel when you are better, Robert we are going to have a child

Bridget: Papa, I will try to sound it out, but this poem is longer then the others……. Titled, How Long the Night, “it is pleasant indeed while the summer lasts with the mild peasant’s song…What does that even mean…..grieve mourn and fast…okay from the beginning….”it is pleasant indeed

POEM-How Long the Night (13th century)

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