Financial and Monetary History of the United States Economics 344: 01 Fall 2015

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Financial and Monetary History of the United States

Economics 344:01

Fall 2015
Tuesdays/Fridays 11:30-12:50

Frelinghuysen A-5

Professor Eugene N. White

Department of Economics

New Jersey Hall

Room 432

Rutgers University



Office hours: Mondays 11-12 and Fridays 2-3 or by appointment
Econ 320 (Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis), Econ 321 (Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis) and Economics 322 (Econometrics). Money and Banking Econ 301 is recommended. This is an upper level elective course where you are expected to apply the knowledge and expertise that you have gained in the prerequisites.
Course Objective
This course provides a detailed overview and analysis of the evolution of the America financial and monetary policy in the United States from the colonial period to the “subprime” crisis and current recovery. Through historical examples, the principles of banking, finance, and monetary policy are examined. These are the basics for a “Wall Street intellectual” who can knowledgeably read the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, the Economist or your favorite economics blog ( and fluently talk about finance and money.

Serious Matters: Attendance, Academic Integrity, Add/Drop

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