Final report Small research and development activity project Australia–Laos Timber Chain of Custody Capacity Building Project

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Final report

Small research and development activity


Australia–Laos Timber Chain of Custody Capacity Building Project

project number


date published

May 2013

prepared by

Mr Aidan Flanagan, General Manager of the Forests and Forest Industry Council of Tasmania, and the Chairman of the IFA Tasmania Division.

co-authors/ contributors/ collaborators

Mr Khamphout Phandanouvong, Deputy Director General of the Department of Forest Inspection (DOFI), Government of Lao (GoL).

Mr Phomma Pathoummavong, Coordinator of Forest Certification, Division for Forest Production, Department of Forestry, GoL.

Mr Bounthanh Philachanh, Director Investigation Division, Wildlife and Aquatic life Inspection Division of DOFI, GoL.

approved by

Mr Tony Bartlett, Research Program Manager for Forestry, ACIAR

final report number



978 1 922137 38 8

published by


GPO Box 1571

Canberra ACT 2601


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1.Acknowledgments 4

2.Executive summary 6

5.Introduction 9

5.1.Lao PDR 10

5.2.The forest sector in Lao PDR 12

5.3.Management of forestry/forest resources in Lao PDR 21

6.Objectives 30

7.Project delivery 31

7.1.Participants 32

7.2.Study tour 33

7.3.Progressing discussions in Lao to build on participant’s experience and transfer knowledge 35

8.Project outcomes 45

8.1.Capacity building 46

8.2.Key lessons 47

9.Conclusions and recommendations 49

9.1.Conclusions 50

9.2.Recommendations 51

10.References 55

10.1.References cited in report 56


The 2011 Australia–Laos Timber Chain of Custody Capacity Building Project was an initiative of the Institute of Foresters of Australia (IFAi) in collaboration with the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) and the Crawford Fundii. The initiative was funded to promote the development of and improvement to aspects of sustainable forestry systems in Lao PDR.

The project would not have been possible without the logistical support and commitment of the Tasmanian Government through the Forests and Forest Industry Council (FFIC) and its Chair, Mr Rob Woolley.

The generous and broad support of Tasmanian and Queensland private and public forest managers and processors is also acknowledged. The program’s success was only achieved through the time and resources provided by forest managers, and visiting and practising experts in forest management and policy development. In particular, private forestry organisations’ support highlighted the role the private sector can play in achieving a balance between biodiversity and conservation, and profitable wood production.

We thank the following individuals and agencies who generously supported the study tour by presenting or providing access to staff, facilities or forests:

  • Mr Dave Barbour, Forest Plantation Queensland

  • Mr TP Bennett, Forest Contractor

  • Mr Andrew Blakesly, Tasmanian Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources

  • Mr Shane Breen, Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service

  • Mr Jim Burgess, Timber Queensland

  • Ms Anne Chuter, Forest Practices Authority

  • Mr Ian Dickenson AO, Private Forests Tasmania

  • Professor Gordon Duff, CEO, CRC for Forestry

  • Cr Ron Dyne, CEO Gympie Regional Council

  • Ms Katy Edwards, Norske Skog Australia

  • Mr Terry Edwards, CEO, Forest Industry Association of Tasmania

  • Mr Brian Farmer, CEO Forestry Plantations Qld

  • Mr Tom Fisk, CEO, Private Forests Tasmania

  • Ms Emma Franks, Resources Manager, Parkside, Wondai

  • Dr Kevin Harding, Agri-Science Queensland

  • Ms Sandra Hetherinton, Norske Skog Australia

  • Mr Barry Hunt, Forestry Tasmania

  • Professor Peter Kanowski, Australian National University

  • Mr Ike Kelly, Kelly Mill

  • Mr Geoffrey Kent, Queensland Department f Employment, Economic Development and Innovation

  • Mr Tadahiro Kinoshita, Managing Director, Forest Products and Plantation Development, Sojitz Australia Ltd

  • Mr Ross Lakin, Parkside, Wondai

  • Ms Anne LaSala, SFM Forestry Services

  • Mr Arthur Lyons, Private Forests Tasmania

  • Mr Greg Mawn, Resources Manager, Hyne Imbil Mill, Imbil

  • Mr Rod McInnes, CEO Timber Queensland Limited

  • Dr Peter McIntosh, Forest Practices Authority

  • Mr Brett McKay, McKay Mill

  • Associate Professor Greg Noland, Centre for Sustainable Architecture with Wood Design Centre, University of Tasmania

  • Mr Peter Pepper, Forestry Tasmania

  • Mr Richard Pocknee, Resources Manager, Laminex MDF Plant, Gympie

  • Mr Sean Ryan, Executive Officer, Private Forestry Services Queensland

  • Mr Mick Scofield, Manager Compliance ,Forest Practices Authority

  • Mr Martin Stone, Forestry Tasmania

  • Mr John Talbot, General Manager, Forest Industries, Australian Government

  • Mr Robert Torrenius, Torrenius mill

  • Mr Barry Underhill, Queensland Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation

  • Mr P Voss, Forest Contractor

  • Mr Steve Whiteley, General Manager, Forestry Tasmania

  • Mr Graham Wilkinson, Forest Practices Authority

  • Mr Arnold Willems, Managing Director, Norske Skog Australia

  • Mr Andrew Wye, Smart Fibre

Thanks to B. Adams, law enforcement advisor DOFI; P. Fogde, managing director Burapha Agroforestry Co.; S. Midgley (Director, Salwood Asia Pacific - Services in Forestry); T. Ratanalangsy, Director, Planning Division, DOFI; X. Samonity, retired Director General MAF; and T. Vannasouk, Deputy Director Watershed Management and Protection Authority, GoL, who provided invaluable background on forests and forestry in Lao PDR.

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