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  • This report must be completed and signed by the Contact person.

  • The information provided below must correspond to the financial information that appears in the financial report.

  • Please complete the report using a typewriter or computer (you can find this form at the following address ).

  • Please expand the paragraphs as necessary.

  • Please refer to the Special Conditions of your grant contract and send one copy of the report to each address mentioned.

  • The Contracting Authority will reject any incomplete or badly completed reports.

  • Unless otherwise specified, the answer to all questions must cover the reporting period as specified in point 1.6.

  • Please do not forget to attach to this report the proof of the transfers of ownership referred to in Article 7.3 of the General conditions.

  1. Description

    1. Name of beneficiary of grant contract:

    2. Name and title of the Contact person:

    3. Name of partners in the Action:

    4. Title of the Action:

    5. Contract number:

    6. Start date and end date of the Action:

    7. Target country(ies) or region(s):

    8. Final beneficiaries &/or target groups1 (if different) (including numbers of women and men):

    9. Country(ies) in which the activities take place (if different from 1.7):

  2. Assessment of implementation of Action activities

    1. Executive summary of the Action

Please give a global overview of the Action's implementation for the whole duration of the project

    1. Activities and results

Please list all the activities in line with Annex 1 of the contract since the last interim report if any or during the reporting period

Activity 1:

Title of the activity: Conference at location W with X participants for Y days on Z dates

Topics/activities covered


Reason for modification for the planned activity

(if applicable):

Results of this activity


    1. Activities that have not taken place

Please outline any activity and/or publications foreseen in the contract, that have not taken place, explaining the reasons for these

    1. What is your assessment of the results of the Action? Include observations on the performance and the achievement of outputs, outcomes, impact and risks in relation to specific and overall objectives, and whether the Action has had any unforeseen positive or negative results. (Please quantify where possible; refer to Logframe Indicators).

    2. What has been the outcome on both the final beneficiaries &/or target group (if different) and the situation in the target country or target region which the Action addressed?

    3. Please list all materials (and no. of copies) produced during the Action on whatever format (please enclose a copy of each item, except if you have already done so in the past).

Please state how the items produced are being distributed and to whom.

    1. Please list all contracts (works, supplies, services) above 10.000€ awarded for the implementation of the action since the last interim report if any or during the reporting period, giving for each contract the amount, the award procedure followed and the name of the contractor.

    2. Describe if the Action will continue after the support from the European Union has ended. Are there any follow up activities envisaged? What will ensure the sustainability of the Action?

    3. Explain how the Action has mainstreamed cross-cutting issues such as promotion of human rights2, gender equality3, democracy, good governance, children's rights and indigenous peoples, environmental sustainability4 and combating HIV/AIDS (if there is a strong prevalence in the target country/region).5

    4. How and by whom have the activities been monitored/evaluated ? Please summarise the results of the feedback received, including from the beneficiaries.

    5. What has your organisation/partner learned from the Action and how has this learning been utilised and disseminated?

  1. Partners and other Co-operation

    1. How do you assess the relationship between the formal partners of this Action (i.e. those partners which have signed a partnership statement)? Please provide specific information for each partner organisation.

    2. Is the partnership to continue? If so, how? If not, why?

    3. How would you assess the relationship between your organisation and State authorities in the Action countries? How has this relationship affected the Action?

    4. Where applicable, describe your relationship with any other organisations involved in implementing the Action:

  • Associate(s) (if any)

  • Sub-contractor(s) (if any)

  • Final Beneficiaries and Target groups

  • Other third parties involved (including other donors, other government agencies or local government units, NGOs, etc)

    1. Where applicable, outline any links and synergies you have developed with other actions.

    2. If your organisation has received previous EU grants in view of strengthening the same target group, in how far has this Action been able to build upon/complement the previous one(s)? (List all previous relevant EU grants).

    3. How do you evaluate co-operation with the services of the Contracting Authority?

  1. Visibility

How is the visibility of the EU contribution being ensured in the Action?

The European Commission may wish to publicise the results of Actions. Do you have any objection to this report being published on the EuropeAid website? If so, please state your objections here.

Name of the contact person for the Action: ……………………………………………

Signature: ………………………………Location: ……………………………………
Date report due: ……………………..…Date report sent: ………………………………

1 “Target groups” are the groups/entities who will be directly positively affected by the project at the Project Purpose level, and “final beneficiaries” are those who will benefit from the project in the long term at the level of the society or sector at large.

2Including those of people with disabilities. For more information, see “Guidance note on disability and development” at


4Guidelines for environmental integration are available at:

5To refer to EC Guidelines on gender equality, disabilities…

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