Final Exam Study Guide: ap world History Fall-Winter 2013-14

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Final Exam Study Guide: AP World History

Fall-Winter 2013-14

The following concepts and principles will be on the final exam:

  • Jared Diamond’s theory on the development of civilization as it relates to the geographic suitability of agriculture.

  • The importance of cultural diffusion in World History

  • Criteria of civilization in World History

  • Political concept of kingship in Ancient Civilization

  • Political organization in Ancient:

  • Cultural achievements in Ancient:

    • China

    • Indus Valley

    • Mesopotamian Civilizations

    • Egypt

  • Comparison: Judaism and Hinduism

  • Comparative Analysis between Ancient Civilizations

  • Political frameworks of the classical world

    • Athens

    • Rome

    • Persia

    • Qin China

    • Han China

  • The concept of Empire in World History

  • Comparative Analysis between Classical Civilizations

  • Rome’s transition from Republic to Empire

  • Religious transformation of the Classical Period in:

    • Mediterranean

    • South Asia

    • East Asia

    • Southwest Asia

  • Fall of Rome and Han China

  • Chinese Philosophy

    • Confucianism

    • Legalism

    • Daoism

  • Social comparison of the Classical Period: India and China

  • Social comparison of the Classical Period: Rome and Greece

  • Peasant rebellions in Chinese history

  • Importance of Silk Road commerce

  • Types of commerce along the Silk Road

  • Variance in Silk/Sea/Sand Road commerce

  • Consequences of cross-cultural interaction

  • Chinese history during the era of regionalism following the Han Dynasty

  • Golden Ages in China

    • Tang

    • Song

  • Chinese tributary system

  • Longevity of Byzantium

  • Impact of the Crusades in European History

  • Political unity after the fall of Rome

  • Characteristics of the Middle Ages in Europe

  • Foundation of Islam

  • Shia/Sunni split in Islam

  • Foundations of Empires within Islam

  • Islamic traditions in

  • Trade networks and the spread of religions during the post-classical age

  • Characteristics of Mongol conquest in Persia, China, and Russia

  • Impact of Mongolian conquest in History

Don’t forget to review the thinking skills!

Chapters 2-6, 8-12 are the focus

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