Final Exam Review: ib euro

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Final Exam Review: IB Euro

Review Sheet (Complete 1-you will be given 2 of these to choose from)

  1. 1) In what ways did Napoleon I’s domestic policies benefit France in the period 1799-1815?

  2. “He restored order and brought back prosperity.” How far do you agree with this judgment of the domestic policies of Napoleon I during the period 1799 to 1815?

  3. What part did Napoleon I’s policies play in his fall from power in 1814?

  4. To what extent was an outdated monarchy the cause of the 1789 French Revolution?

  5. Evaluate the results for France, and for Europe, of Napoleon Bonaparte’s foreign policy.

Review Sheet: (Complete 1-you will be given 3 of these to choose from)

  1. “The emancipation of the serfs in Russia was the only genuine reform introduced by Alexander II.” To what extent do you agree with this assertion?

  2. “Alexander II tried to reform Russian institutions only because the Crimean War showed that Russia was no longer a great military power.” Use specific examples of Alexander’s reforms to show to what extent you agree with this assertion.

  3. How far is it true to say that Russia was transformed into a modern country between 1855 and 1900?

  4. Compare and contrast the rule of Alexander II and Alexander the III.

  5. What role did the reforms of Alexander I and Alexander II’s reforms play in the rise of opposition groups? (hint: this will be one of the 3)

Key Terms

Reforms of: Alexander II, Alexander III, Napoleon Bonaparte

First Consul, Emperor, Centralization of Government, Conscription, Civil Code, Lycees, Legion of Honor, Concordat, Censorship, Notables, Duchy of Warsaw, Guerillas, King Joseph, Spanish Resistance, Confederation of Rhine, Prefect, Revolution, First Estate, Second Estate, Ancien Regime, Clergy, Peasants, Reform, Tennis Court Oath, General/National Assembly, King Louis, Marie Antoinette, Fall of Bastille, Maximlien Robespierre, Jacobin, Mountain/ Girondin, Reign of Terror, Enlightenment, Adam Smith, Alexander II, Alexander III, Consantin Pobanostov, Peter the Great, Russification, Pogrom, Zemstvo, Russification, Marxist, Bolshevik, Social Democrat, Social Revolutionary, Menshevik, reinforced/exceptional security

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