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Film Tournament

Packet Seven

Questions by Mike Cheyne

  1. This director was helped in making his first movie by radio personality Jean Shepherd and a credit in it reads “Presented by Jean Shepherd’s Night People.” He is not Sidney Lumet, but he directed his wife in a film about a gangster’s girlfriend who goes on the run with a young boy, and also filmed her as a woman committed to an institution by her construction worker husband, played by Peter Falk. Besides the original Gloria and A Woman Under the Influence, this man used a handheld camera in New York City to shoot a semi-improvisational film about an interracial romance between Lelia and Tony. As an actor, he was Oscar nominated for playing Private Franko in The Dirty Dozen and also portrayed the husband of Rosemary in Rosemary’s Baby. For 10 points, name this husband of Gena Rowlands, who directed Shadows.

ANSWER: John Nicholas Cassavetes

  1. One character in this film, Linda, worries about being recognized as an ex prostitute and during a climbing sequence is revealed to not be wearing anything under her gown. Before dying, another character asks that her “Chai” pendant be given to her husband to pass on to her grandson in Israel. That character in this movie, Belle Rosen, was a former champion swimmer who dies of a heart attack while rescuing Frank Scott. Near the end, an Ernest Borgnine played police officer leads five other survivors after a Gene Hackman played reverend shouts to God to take him as he falls to his death. This film takes place on New Year’s Eve, where despite the captain’s insistence, the ship goes at full speed and faces disaster due to lack of ballast. For 10 points, name this 1972 movie based on a Paul Gallico novel about the title luxury liner overturned by a tidal wave.

ANSWER: The Poseidon Adventure [do not accept “Poseidon”]

  1. One of this actor’s films ends with his character sitting on a step, greeted by a Jeffrey Tambor played character who tips his toupee like a hat. In another of his roles, this American actor plays a character who denounces “the building of a rat ship—a vessel for seagoing snitches.” One of his characters gives a speech in which he says that rapist Judge Henry Fleming “should go right to fucking jail” before shouting “you’re out of order! The whole trial is out of order!” Another of this man’s characters denounces the Baird School and has a beautiful tango scene with a Gabrielle Anwar played woman. He recently won a Razzie Award for playing himself in the Adam Sandler film Jack and Jill. For 10 points, name this actor who won an Oscar for playing the blind Frank Slade in Scent of a Woman, and who also played Tony Montana in 1983’s Scarface.

ANSWER: Alfredo James “Al” Pacino

  1. Near the end of this movie, a character turns down an offer to appear in a Hollywood film because she knows another figure “wouldn’t like being looked at.” The main character’s mother gives her money in order to support her “breathtaking piece of folly.” One character in this film is responsible for the death of a man in an accident at Manchester, and had a father who worked as the coach of the protagonist’s mother. The protagonist’s mother once won a contest to swim across the English Channel. In the climax of this movie, the main character poses as the Latvian Ivan Taski, but is discovered at the end to be female and disqualified. The title character wins The Pie in a raffle and hires the Mickey Rooney played Mi Taylor to train them. For 10 points, name this movie starring Elizabeth Taylor as a girl who rides a horse in the steeplechase.

ANSWER: National Velvet

  1. In one of this director’s films, the climax features a mute servant writing the name “Lisa Berndl” on a piece of paper to show his master. One of this director’s films ends with the title objects on display in a church, having been left by the protagonist as an offering to the saints to save her lover. Another film concludes with a character seeing the image of the now-deceased protagonist as a teenage girl holding the door open for him as he prepares to die in a duel. In one of this man’s films, the framing story is that of Stefan Brand reading the title message from a woman he barely remembers but nevertheless bore his illegitimate child. In another of his films, the title objects are sold by Louise in order to pay off debts but are later given to her by her lover, an Italian baron. For 10 points, name this German director of Letter from an Unknown Woman and The Earrings of Madame de…

ANSWER: Max Ophuls [accept Maximillian Oppenheimer]

  1. In this movie, the French, instead of rebels, are blamed for everything, such as wrecking the telephone system. In one scene in this movie, doctors wheel their elderly patients out into the street to die and are killed by the protagonist to show his “red-blooded American sense of humor.” The protagonist has a grenade implanted in his prosthetic right hand with which he means to kill “Mr. President,” the head of the United Provinces. In this film, Nero the Hero is killed by a booby-trapped doll resembling a baby. The protagonist’s navigator works for a resistance group led by Thomasina Paine, while his nemesis is the Sylvester Stallone played “Machine Gun” Joe Viterbo. The David Carradine played protagonist of this movie, Frankenstein, eventually takes power and ends the title bloody event. For 10 points, name this 1975 film in which drivers get points for killing pedestrians.

ANSWER: Death Race 2000 [I don’t think any clues apply to “Death Race”]

  1. This character is last seen preparing Chinese takeout to eat while “In the Hall of the Mountain King” plays. This man makes up a fictional villain with frizzy orange hair, an eye patch, and a banana-shaped scar on both cheeks. In his first appearance, he is assisted by Agnus Bough, while in his most recent appearance, he works for the Gillian Anderson played “Pegasus.” This character has embarrassed himself by playing a DVD in public showing him lip-synching to “Does Your Mother Know” in his underpants, while in his most recent film, he assaults the queen, thinking she is an assassin dressed as a cleaning lady. In his first appearance, he prevents a John Malkovich played Frenchman from being fraudulently crowned king of England. For 10 points, name this inept secret agent played by Rowan Atkinson in a pair of films.

ANSWER: Johnny English [accept either]

  1. One villain in this movie delivers a monologue about “Black Peter,” a figure who leaves toy burros on the windows of misbehaving children. At the very beginning, a character exchanges bags in an airport with a man played by Jason Statham in a cameo. The antagonist of this film kills a man after that man fails to correctly answer a question about Miles Davis. As the antagonist dies on a train, he wryly observes “Guy gets on the subway and dies. Thank anybody’ll notice?” At one point in this film, the antagonist shoots a victim who falls on the protagonist’s car, but claims that “bullets and the fall killed him.” In the final sequence, Max prevents Vincent from killing the Jada Pinkett Smith played Annie, a justice department prosecutor working on a drug case. For 10 points, name this movie in which Jamie Foxx plays a cab driver taken hostage by a hitman played by Tom Cruise.

ANSWER: Collateral

  1. Near the end of this movie, a character points out that “the world is thus,” only to be corrected with the statement “thus have we made the world.” After killing his Aidan Quinn played brother, one character becomes depressed and undergoes penance by repeatedly pulling a load of armor up a cliff. In the first scene of this movie, a character is tied to a cross and pushed over a waterfall. The title location faces jeopardy after the Treaty of Madrid cedes territory to Portugal. This film is probably best known for an Ennio Morricone composed piece of music, which the Jeremy Irons played protagonist plays on his oboe. This movie ends with Rodrigo Mendoza killed in battle, while Father Gabriel is killed alongside the Guarani as they are peacefully walking. For 10 points, name this movie about Jesuits in South America.

ANSWER: The Mission

  1. In one scene in this film set on an elevator, the protagonist stops himself from asking the name of a child’s father, instead asking what the name of his ball is. In another scene, a character tells a joke about a man saying “good morning, dear Sun,” only for the Sun to insult him in the evening when it sets in the west. This film ends with a character responding to a question about gift wrapping by saying “No, it’s for me.” That scene takes place in a store where the protagonist discovers a book is dedicated “To HGW XX/7, with gratitude.” In one scene, Christa-Marie Sieland is killed by a truck after reporting the author of Sonata for a Good Man, even though his incriminating typewriter could not be found. This film’s plot involves Wiesler assigned to observe the playwright Georg Dreyman. For 10 points, name this German film about an eavesdropping agent for the Stasi secret police.

ANSWER: The Lives of Others [accept Das Leben der Andren]

  1. In a scene set in a barn, this character is given advice from Chris Calloway while a figure in the background yells “Bang, bang!” as he plays with a wooden gun. He kills the murderer of Stonewall after calling him “a low-down Yankee liar.” In an early scene, this character is called a “sodbuster” and passively tolerates having a villain throw soda pop onto his new shirt. He is forced to use the butt of his gun to knock out Joe Starrett, preventing him from going to his death. This character kills the Jack Palance played Wilson and his employers, the Ryker brothers, before saying “there aren’t any more guns in the valley.” In his final scene, he rides away from the homestead, slumped over in his shoulder, as Joey sadly shouts for him to come back. For 10 points, name this Alan Ladd played gunfighter, the title character of a 1953 western.


  1. Sequels to this movie, including The Organization, featured the protagonist working in San Francisco. The protagonist at one point notes that “Sam couldn’t have driven two cars,” clearing a patrolman of suspected murder. At the end of this film, it is revealed that Mr. Colbert was killed by the diner counterman, Ralph, who wanted to get money for a woman’s abortion. After being slapped by the wealthy Eric Endicott, a character slaps him back, a controversial scene added on request of one of the actors. This film’s protagonist is visiting his mother in Sparta, Mississippi, when he is at first arrested and then becomes involved in a police investigation. In its most famous scene, a character, when asked what he is called in Philadelphia, says “They call me MISTER Tibbs!” For 10 points, name this movie in which a white police chief reluctantly teams with a black detective to solve a murder.

ANSWER: In the Heat of the Night

  1. The protagonist of this movie reads the so-called “rave of the century,” a review saying “The soldiers’ costumes are very realistic.” In one scene, a character complains he is being forced to cast “Charlton Heston as a Mexican.” At a wrestling match in this film, a character shouts “Goodbye penis!”, annoying the protagonist’s wife, Dolores Fuller. Near the end, the protagonist goes to a bar and receives encouragement from the Vincent D’Onofrio played Orson Welles. In one scene in this movie, a character reacts poorly to being called a sidekick, saying “Karloff does not deserve to smell my shit!” The title character is a transvestite who recruits such friends as the Bill Murray played Bunny Breckinridge. This film won an Oscar for Martin Landau’s performance as Bela Lugosi. For 10 points, name this Tim Burton film starring Johnny Depp as the title director of Plan 9 from Outer Space.


  1. The main character of this movie gives a fumbling lecture to one character after she goes to an arcade, calling her “a nosy parker” and saying “shame on you.” In one scene, the protagonist tries to cut in line to get a prescription refill at the pharmacy, asking another man if he had ever been dragged to the sidewalk and beaten until he “pissed blood.” At the end of this film, it is revealed the protagonist is now a carpet salesman and is married to a woman earlier seen working at a supermarket checkout. This film’s main character frequently shouts “Pygmies!” when he is upset and is treated by Dr. Harris Klein, whose office disappears in one crucial scene. In the end, the protagonist realizes he has been tricked by his Sam Rockwell played partner, Frank, as well as by a girl pretending to be his daughter, Angela. For 10 points, name this movie starring Nicolas Cage as a mentally disturbed con man.

ANSWER: Matchstick Men

  1. In this film, after Liane tries to kill herself, one character is congratulated with the comment “It’s your first suicide.” In one scene, “Mamita” talks to a man about an old romantic encounter, with each contradicting the other’s account, despite the repeated line “I remember it well.” One character in this film says the title figure is “just a chickadee who needs a mother hen” before concluding “you’re not at all that funny, awkward little girl I knew.” The title character goes to learn from Great Aunt Alicia and eventually marries Gaston, who decides it is unacceptable to keep her as a mistress. The most famous song in this film contains the lyric “they grow up in the most delightful way” and is the Maurice Chevalier sung “Thank Heaven for Little Girls.” For 10 points, name this musical based on a Colette novella about the title French girl being groomed to be a courtesan.


  1. The protagonist of this movie lives in an apartment that contains a bust of Caesar which he plays one-sided games of chess with. In one scene, the main character goes into a movie theater and mouths the dialogue to the film Woodstock, while in another he steals a car while calling the corpse of a car salesman a “cheating bastard.” In this film’s first scene, a man seemingly drives frivolously around Los Angeles, only to stop his car and fire a machine gun at a person moving in a window. The antagonists are known as the “Family,” are led by Brother Matthias, and wear black robes with sunglasses. This film takes place shortly after a war between the Soviet Union and China, with the Charlton Heston played Colonel Robert Neville seemingly the only survivor. For 10 points, name this 1971 adaptation of the novel I Am Legend.

ANSWER: The Omega Man [do not accept “I Am Legend” or “The Last Man on Earth”]

  1. In this film, one character proclaims she is the “most horrible” after throwing flour in the face of Mr. Braukoff as part of a Halloween prank. The protagonist dances with her nightgown wearing sister to the tune of “Under the Bamboo Tree.” In one early scene in this movie, Esther muses “I just adore him, so I can’t ignore him—the boy next door,” referring to neighbor John Truett. The plot of this film involves a proposed move to New York City, which causes little Tootie to frantically destroy snowmen outside the house. In one scene, a character sings the lyrics “zing, zing, zing went my heartstrings” while riding on a certain mode of transportation. In this movie’s most famous scenes, the protagonist sings “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and “The Trolley Song.” For 10 points, name this Judy Garland musical which takes place during the 1904 World’s Fair in the title Missouri city.

ANSWER: Meet Me in St. Louis

  1. At the end of this movie, a character named Mike Sweeney shouts “I’ll tell you, that was for Albert!” before dying. One antagonist drives an Oldsmobile Curved Dash, while the last man killed by the protagonist is a faro dealer named Jack Pulford. After telling Marshal Walter Thibido he intends to die, the protagonist is told it’s the best news Thibido has heard all day, as he feared the protagonist would kill him. In the climax of this film, the protagonist kills three men in the Metropole saloon, only to be shot in the back by a bartender. It ends with the title character smiling with satisfaction as he watches the Ron Howard played Gillom throw away a gun. This movie’s plot begins with the title character, J.B. Books, arriving in town to get a diagnosis on his cancer, knowing his enemies will want to engage him in one last gunfight. For 10 points, name this final movie for John Wayne.

ANSWER: The Shootist

  1. In one of this director’s films, a male character, while wearing a negligee, proclaims that he “just went gay all of a sudden.” He produced and is widely suspected of directing a film which ends with “Scotty” broadcasting the message to “Keep watching the skies” and whose title creature is described as an “intellectual carrot.” This man directed a John Wayne movie which features the famous Henry Mancini composition “Baby Elephant Walk.” One of his films ends with the destruction of a brontosaurus reconstruction at a museum. Besides producing The Thing from Another World and directing Hatari!, this man also directed a film in which a Cary Grant played paleontologist gets caught up with a goofy woman played by Katharine Hepburn, who owns the title animal, a leopard. For 10 points, name this director of the screwball comedy Bringing Up Baby.
    ANSWER: Howard Winchester Hawks

  1. One recurring character in this movie, Woodcock, continually says he is “in the employ of Mr. E.H. Harriman.” In one scene, a character knees Harvey Logan in the groin after Logan says there are no rules in a knife fight. At the end of this movie, one character notes he didn’t see Lefors, leading another to wryly note “For a moment there I thought we were in trouble.” The protagonists are continually stalked by an enigmatic group, about which they ponder “Who are those guys?” This film ends on a freeze frame which turns to a sepia tone, as the two protagonists run off to face certain death in Bolivia. In its most famous scene, one of the protagonists takes schoolteacher Etta Place for a bicycle ride as the song “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head” plays. For 10 points, name this movie starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford as the title pair of outlaws.

ANSWER: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

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