Film: Out of Ireland

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Preparations for the Age of Manufacture

Heilbroner, 6

Film: Out of Ireland

  1. Natural resources

  1. Increasing population

  1. Domestic and European capital

  1. Immigration, e.g., the “famine” Irish

  1. Tariff rate

  1. Market infrastructure (increased speed, lowered expense)

  1. western settlements (squatting, mutuality, infrastructure accelerates pace)

  1. John O’Sullivan

  1. canals and steamboats

  1. Erie Canal

  1. Railroads and regional specialization

  1. State bond issues

  1. Supreme Court and contract law

  1. The corporation & new market economy

    1. Limited liability

    1. Chartered special privileges and powers

    1. Raising capital

  1. Early distrust of corporate charters

  1. Gibbons v. Ogden

  1. Entrepreneurial ethos & technological innovation

  1. The goddess of liberty

  1. Transcendentalism

  1. Henry David Thoreau on the market revolution

  1. Second Great Awakening

    1. Religious underpinning to personal self-improvement

    1. Democracy and American Christianity

    1. Revivalist preachers and transportation infrastructure

    1. Charles Grandison Finney

  1. Horace Mann

  1. Habits of discipline

  1. Education as counter to unsettling effects of economic change(?)

  1. The American system of manufactures

  1. Domestic system (transition) & sewing machine

  1. First industry shaped by large factory system

  1. Francis Cabot Lowell mill system

  1. Women of Lowell

  1. “Loosening the bonds”

  1. Lowell strike 1834

  1. Undermining woman labor at Lowell

  1. Orestes Brownson on “wealth and labor”

  1. “Wages slavery” (e.g., Cincinnati)

  1. Antebellum labor protest (Workingman’s Parties)

  1. New York urban growth (trade entrepot)

  1. Concentration of wealth and power

  1. Steady rise of “middle class” (non-manual labor)

  1. Philadelphia’s artisan class

  1. Role of the ideal woman

  1. Domesticity and “female morality” (separate spheres)

  1. Female job mobility and opportunity

  1. Cops and order

  1. Race & class tensions in Philadelphia riots 1834

  1. Ethnic and cultural disunity of workers

  1. Jim Crow, Northern style

    1. Free blacks and new economic opportunities

    1. Last hired, first fired, worst work, lowest pay

    1. Free blacks, public schools and other public facilities

    1. Free blacks and access to public land in the West

  1. Richard Allen & Bethel A.M.E.

  1. Scientific methods in agriculture

  1. Old Northwest

  1. The South (most important export crop?)

  1. The Northeast

  1. Business cycle

  1. Mechanization of agriculture

  1. steel plow and reaper

  1. Steady displacement of small farmer

  1. Urbanization rates

  1. Chicago

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