Fifth grade literature/history reading list

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Fifth grade literature/history reading list:
For 5th, last year, we were still covering a lot of non-fiction, as well as a lot of mythology, legends, folktales, etc.
This covers both history (save for "texts") and literature (also a little music/art appreciation):
Oh, and I find it's not necessarily in order of the spreads in Kingfisher, although it's close. It's in order by when he finished reading them.
The Stone Age News

Fiona Macdonald

The Flower of Sheba

Doris Orgel, et al

Queen Esther the Morning Star

Mordicai Gerstein

The Mysterious Visitor: Stories of the Prophet Elijah

Nina Jaffe

The Wailing Wall

Leonard E. Fisher

Ancient Egyptian Art

Susie Hodge

The Two Magicians

John Langstaff

The Mystery of Stonehenge

Harriette Abels

The Ganges, Sacred River of India

Violet Weingarten

The Art of India

Shirley Glubok (LOVE all her books!)

Fat Cat: A Danish Folktale

Margaret R. Macdonald

Skara Brae: The Story of a Prehistoric Village

Olivier Dunrea

Favorite Fairy Tales Told in India

Virginia Haviland

Crete: Land of Mystery

Leonard Cottrell

In Search of Ancient Crete

Piero Ventura, et al

The Iliad Retold

Nick McCarty


Gilgamesh the King

The Revenge of Ishtar

The Last Quest of Gilgamesh

all by Ludmila Zeman (LOVE them)
Ancient Egypt

Philip Steele

The Babylonians (Calliope)
Dybbuk: A Story Made in Heaven

Francine Prose

Behold the Trees

Sue Alexander (VERY cool!)

Young Heroes of the Bible

Kirk Douglas

Moses in Egypt

Brad Kessler

The Ancient Chinese

Hazel M. Martell

The Assyrians

Elaine Landau

The Passover Journey: A Seder Companion

Barbara Diamond Goldin (VERY good)

The Egyptian News

Scott Steedman


Diane Stanley

The Ancient World: The Phoenicians

Pamela Odijk

King Solomon and His Magic Ring

Edie Wiesel

The Hanukkah Story

Marylin Hirsh

The Phoenicians (Calliope)
The Tortoise and the Tree (Bantu)

Janina Domanska

The Orphan Boy (Maasai)

Tololwa M. Mollel

The Name of the Tree (Bantu)

Celia Barker Lottridge

Growing up Maasai

Tom Shachtman

Escape from Egypt

Sonia Levitin


Diana Pitcher

The Art of Africa

Shirley Glubok

The Tale of Rabbit and Coyote

Tony Johnston

People of the Corn (Mayan)

Mary-Joan Gerson

Gods and Godesses of the Ancient Maya

Leonard Everett Fisher

Prehistoric North America: The People

Robert Pickering

Hands of the Maya

Rachel Crandell

Angela Weaves a Dream

Michele Sola'

The Art of the North American Indian

Shirley Glubok

The Golden Goblet

Eloise Jarvis McGraw

To Ride the God's Own Stallion

Diane Lee Wilson

The Mound Builders

William E. Scheele

Talking Bones

William O. Steele

The Night the Moon Fell

Pat Mora
The Prince Who Gave up a Throne

Nancy Serage


Susan L. Roth
Religions of the World: Hinduism

V.P. Kanit Kar

Ishtar and Tammuz: A Babylonian Book of the Seasons

Christopher Moore

Life Long Ago: The Beginnings of Cities (Mesopotamia)

Leonard Weisgard

Nebchadnezzar: Scourge of Zion

(Heroes and Warriors series)

Mark Healy
The Seven Wise Princesses

Wafa' Tarnowska (VERY good Persian tale!)

The Persian Empire

Karen Zeinert

How Would You Survive as an Ancient Egyptian?

Jacqueline Morley

Secrets of the Mummies

Harriet Griffey

Hercules and Other Greek Myths

Mark Gave

Eyewitness Early Humans
The Nemean Lion

Bernard Evslin (most all of Evslin’s books incorporate some strong language and/or modern art that might be a little scary for younger children, so review before you use to decide if these are right for your family)

The Greek Hoplite

Martin Windrow

Confucius: The Golden Rule

Russell Freedman

The Eagle of the Ninth

Rosemary Sutcliff

The Greek Armies

Peter Connolly

The Dolphin Rider and Other Greek Myths

Bernard Evslin

The Ancient World: Greece

Robert Hull

Tales of a Chinese Grandmother

Francis Carpenter

Images Across the Ages: Chinese Portraits

Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler (VERY good)

The Roman News

Andrew Langley and Philip De Souza

The Hydra

Bernard Evslin

The Parthenon: How it was Built and how it was Made

Peter Chrisp

Conquerer and Hero: The Search for Alexander

Stephen Krensky

The Bronze Bow

Elizabeth George Spear

The Celts

Hazel Martell

The Colosseum

Peter Chrisp

The Librarian who Measured the Earth

Kathryn Lasky (simple, but we hadn't read it earlier)

Jesus of Nazareth: A Life of Christ Through Pictures

Simon and Schuster

Christian Church (Places of Worship)

Angela Wood

The Ides of April

Mary Ray
The Silver Branch

Rosemary Sutcliff
World Beliefs and Cultures: Christianity

Sue Penrey

Black Ships Before Troy

Rosemary Sutcliff

The Calydonian Boar

Bernard Evslin

Eyewitness Bible Lands
The Cavalryman

Peter Connolly

The Life of Saint Paul

Hary E. Fosdick

The Enchanted Caribou

Elizabeth Cleaver (I believe ds really liked this one, too)

Building an Igloo

Ulli Steltzer

The Mediterranean

Philip Wilkinson, et al

Sunrise Island

Carella Aldan

Lives of Famous Romans

Olivia Coolidge

Science in Ancient Rome

Jacqueline L. Harris

A Roman Fort

Fiona Macdonald

The Japanese

Clare Doran

The Ancient World: Rome

Sean Sheehan, et al

The Warrior and the Wise Man

David Wisniewski

Cities in the Sand

Scott Warren

The Traveler's Guide to Ancient Rome

John Malam

The Dancing Fox: Arctic Folktales

John Bierhorst

Pyramid of the Sun, Pyramid of the Moon

Leonard Fisher

City of the Gods:Mexico's Ancient City of Teotihuacan

Caroline Arnold

The Story of Comock the Eskimo

Robert Flaherty (VERY good)

The Woman in the Moon

Jama Kim Rattigan


Stephen Currie

Myths and Civilization of the Celts

Hazel Mary Martell

Easter Island

Caroline Arnold

Land of the Five Suns (Aztecs)

Kay McManus

Tristan and Iseult

Rosemary Sutcliff

The Other World: Myths of the Celts

Margaret Hodges (very good)

Clamshell Boy: A Makah Legend

Terri Cohlene


Bryan and Cherry Alexander

The Makah

Jeanne O. Eder (very interesting)

Archimedes Takes a Bath (revisited)

Joan M. Lexau

The Legionary

Peter Connolly

Archimedes and the Door of Science

Jeanne Bendick

Art of the Far North

Carol Finley

Mummies and Their Mysteries

Charlotte Wilcox

The Mouth of the Night

Iris Macfarlane

Hawaiian Myths of Earth, Sea and Sky

Vivian L. Thompson

Year of the Dragon

Nigel Suckling (could fit with period in which it was supposedly written, early modern, too, but discusses ancient beliefs about dragons)

Great Wonders of the World

Russel Ash

Read most of the stories in the following:
The Bronze Cauldron

The Silver Treasure

The Crystal Pool

all by Geraldine McCaughrean

Also read all or most of the Landscapes of Legend series books:
Beneath the Earth

Cities of Splendour

Sacred Skies

Mighty Mountains

The Waters of Life
Other legends series books read:
Scottish Myths and Legends

Chinese Myths and Legends (O.B. Duane and N. Hutchinson; I forget if all are by the same authors)

Indian Myths and Legends
A Children's Treasury of Mythology
D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths
Tree of Dreams: Ten Tales from the Garden of Night
God's People: Stories from the Old Testament

Geraldine McCaughrean

Troubadour's Storybag: Musical Folktales of the World

Norma J. Livo

Gianni and the Ogre

Ruth Manning-Sanders

Eyewitness Rome
Eyewitness Mythology
Ancient Greece Treasure Chest
Ancient Rome Treasure Chest
Gladiator Treasure Chest
Ancient China Treasure Chest (revisited)

MacCauley - Pyramid

Megalithic Monuments of Great Britain (don't recall exact title)
Silk Road series video: Dark Castle
Legacy of Ancient Civilizations: Carthage and the Phoenicians
Crossing Rome
The Dead Sea Scrolls: Window into Ancient Times
Hail Caesar Constantine (A&E)
A.D. (three tapes) deals with rise of Christianity

And some other history related books that he just didn't have time to read that I read aloud to him:

A Glorious Past: Ancient Egypt, Ethiopia and Nubia

Ernestine Jenkins

Greece vs. Persia - Cobblestone
The Furies, Bernard Evslin
Medusa, Bernard Evslin
MacCaulay's City
Ancient Celts - Calliope
Revisited Ancient China Jackdaw
Jesus of Nazareth: Teacher and Prophet

Ramsay M. Harik (a more secular look at Jesus)

I read excerpts from Plutarch's "Lives"
Famous Scientists of the Ancient World

Margaret J. Anderson (I like this book)

Some chapters read from the first volume of A History or US, Hakim
Augustus Caesar's World (good wrap-up)
Hadrian's Wall Jackdaw
Asoka the Great (very difficult going)

The Story of Masada: Retold for Young Readers

Gerald Gottlieb (VERY GOOD! about the excavation of Masada during the 1960's)
I have some great history books at home that I've found various places and utilize weekly. Consider them in with my "texts". Glad to provide titles on these if you need them.


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