Festival Feasts

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Festival Feasts
Come on now culture vultures, we know you get hungry. Usually us non-regular theatre goers are happy to munch on Malteasers once the lights go out but when there’s an entire month of shows, performances and events to see, the calories start to count.
That’s where we’re saved by Sydney Festival’s Fast Festival Feasts!
No, this is not an interactive food fight or a medieval jelly banquet (if you’ve never heard of jellymongers Bompas & Parr, google them right now). This is legit.
In the spirit of creativity and culture that takes over our good city during January, some of Sydney’s best restaurants are opening their doors to Festivalgoers with special menus and dining options just for the duration of Sydney Festival.
From fine dining to a casual bite before a show, 30 restaurants are taking part in the program. They’ll be offering $30, $55 and a la carte options, with changing set menu options throughout the month (for lunch and dinner, check the site for specific options).
And we’re not just talking about a salad and some bread. Expect Aria’s $55 entrée and main always books out fast. At the Chophouse, you’ll get two glasses of wine, a main and an entree for $55. Ever wanted to try Riley St Garage’s pork knuckle? Now is your chance, served with whitefish sashimi, truffled mash, salad, a banana split and wine, all for $55.
The $30 meals are even better value. At Stefano Manfredi’s brand new Pizzaperta Manfredi you get to tuck into a traditional pizza, with your choice of salad or dessert, and one tap beer, wine or soft drink.
If you’re headed to the Seymour Centre for a show, booking into Newtown’s Rubyos is a must. The tapas-style share menu has earnt a loyal following among Sydneysiders and the $30 pricetag for the Tasting Menu of six tapas dishes is a steal. If you’re lucky the absolutely moreish Korean Fried Chicken with white kim chi will be on the menu. Don’t despair, from pan fried haloumi, pork belly and chilli squid all make an appearance too.
Now if you’re headed into the heart of the Festival, at Hyde Park, you’ll be able to feast upon the likes of Bar Pho, Jafe Jaffles and of course, mini masterpieces from Gelato Messina at the Festival Village.

Food outlets operating day to night include Bar Pho, Harvest Trader & Co, Puntino Italian Street Food, Bite Size Delights, Bar Coco Milk Bar, Jafe Jaffles, the Village cheese shop Cheesesmith, Porteño’s Good Eats and the return of Gelato Messina withMessina’s Tasty Treats. Attached is a sneak peak of the Porteno and Puntino menus.


We’ll have a media release and photos available for our 2015 Gelato Messina ‘Double Down Diner’ menu in the next couple of days. There’ll be new sweet ‘n’ savoury, pie and thick shake concoctions, completely unique to the Festival Village.

Treats will include a cheese royale gelato burger, deep fried ‘chicken drumstick’ and unique takes on traditional American deserts.


The Kirin Bar will also feature Bit.Fall by Julius Popp, an artwork seen at the London 2012 Olympic Village and MONA, where bursts of water droplets are released at split-second intervals spelling out words gathered from the #kirinbitfall hashtag.

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