Federalists vs. Antifederalists Project

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Federalists vs. Antifederalists Project

  • In this group project you will learn about the different views on the completed Constitution as held by the Federalists and the Antifederalists.

  • You must describe in sufficient detail at least four beliefs/positions of each side: four for the Federalists, four for the Antifederalists. The beliefs/positions can be general, or specific. In many cases, the belief/position relates to both sides and each side has a different viewpoint; those are good because they show point-counterpoint on the topics. However, choosing a belief/position that relates to only one side works, too.

  • You must create a product that will teach the beliefs of each side. The product may take any of the following formats:

--A short comic book explaining the differing views of the two sides; include drawn illustrations, dialogue, etc., just like a regular comic book

--A flip chart describing the viewpoints of both sides

--a cube-style product that describes the arguments for both sides

--A brochure that describes each side’s views. One brochure per side, for a total of two brochures

--Create/record a 30-second TV-style commercial for each side. This could be a campaign-style ad where you criticize one side and promote the other. One commercial per side for a total of two commercials. Everyone in the group should appear in the commercials.

--Posters: One poster for each side, total of two posters. Must include artwork, graphics, pictures, or other similar things that help illustrate the text.

--Trading cards, like baseball or football player cards. On a card would be the picture of a Framer with the designation Federalist or Antifederalist. Underneath would be his “stats,” which should include the state he represents, his occupation, and one belief/position of whichever side he represents. The card should be on unlined 3x5 index cards; picture and name on front with Federalist or Antifederalist; belief/position explained on the back. Example:




Federalists believed that …

--If you have an idea for a different type of product, talk it over with Mr. Whitfield to see if it will be OK before proceeding

As a senior, you are capable of turning in a top-notch product. Please do not waste my time or yours by turning in something you or I would not be proud of. Be creative, follow the instructions, and do the high-quality job you are capable of doing!

Download 9 Kb.

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