Fdr and the new deal

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Was the New Deal a positive step for America?
That's an essential question for this unit, and you will be developing a foundation of information regarding the New Deal in this activity in order to help answer this question. Carefully follow directions on all parts of the assignment! In order to prove that you have read them, write "loves history" after your name on your answer sheet!
After Herbert Hoover lost the Election of 1932, Franklin Delano Roosevelt took office and dominated the federal government for over a decade. FDR developed what was called "The New Deal" to solve the problems of the Great Depression.  The New Deal was a collection of laws, regulations and government programs passed by Congress during the first two terms of FDR's presidency. (There were actually two phases of the New Deal, with the second coming after FDR was reelected in 1936). We will discuss FDR and the New Deal in class next week, and this assignment will also help prepare you for our fun activity on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

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