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Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions [FDLC], Region 7

Participating Dioceses – in Illinois: Belleville, Chicago, Joliet in Illinois, Springfield in Illinois

– in Indiana: Evansville, Fort Wayne-South Bend, Gary, Indianapolis, Lafayette-in-Indiana
Training and Formation on the Roman Missal, third typical edition
Appendix 030: Resource for Presentation Team

Preface Dialogue
Lead authors: Rev. David M. Darin and Mrs. Sue A. Huett, Diocese of Belleville
© 2009, Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions [FDLC], Region 7. All rights reserved.

Directory: uploads -> files -> Worship -> Mass and Roman Missal
files -> Syllabus: History 291/Winter 2016 jfk: The Decision-maker Behind the Myth
files -> Juneteenth celebration of the 150 th anniversary of emancipation presented by the volunteers of
files -> Specialized Instructional Services (sis) for Voluntary Prekindergarten Children with Disabilities
files -> Heritage Conservation Briefs Job creation
files -> Part two varieties of Theatrical Experience
files -> C what happened to the Kingdom of Israel after the death of Solomon
files -> Not an accurate statement regarding daily life in Athens
files -> 25 to 1: People of Color Experiences in Unitarian Universalism 1980-2005
Mass and Roman Missal -> Grant your faithful, we pray, almighty God, the resolve to run forth to meet your Christ with righteous deeds at his coming, so that, gathered at his right hand, they may be worthy to possess the heavenly kingdom

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