Fathers of Confederation Research Project

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Fathers of Confederation Research Project
Research the life of one of the key figures involved in the Confederation debate. Then present your information to the class in an original way in a 3-5 minute presentation. I will show you some exemplars of past student projects.

  1. Select one person to research from the attached list.

  2. Begin researching your Father of Confederation. Use the RSS15 sheet to record your information. Use at least three sources, one of which must be a book. Gather information on:

      • full name and any titles

      • date and place of birth and death

      • family background

      • interesting facts about childhood or early years

      • interesting information about personal life

      • contributions to the Confederation debate

      • portrait or other image related to the biography (for example, family home)

  1. Create your presentation (oral presentation and visuals) and practice, practice, practice!

  2. Review the rubric to make sure you have completed all items.

  3. Present to the class. Keep your presentation between three and five minutes.

I can provide you with a fact sheet on your choice.

You may find the following websites helpful:






Note: You may work on your own or in partners. Should you choose to work in partners you will be required to get permission (on a note) from both sets of parents as you will need to get together on your own time to complete the project. Also remember that when working in partners the work should reflect the input of two people and the same mark will be shared by both partners.
List of Fathers of Confederation to select from:

  1. Archibald, Sir Adams George Nova Scotia

  2. Brown, George Ontario

  3. Campbell, Sir Alexander Ontario

  4. Cartier, Sir F.T.B. Newfoundland

  5. Cartier, Sir George-Étienne Quebec

  6. Chandler, Edward Barron New Brunswick

  7. Chapais, Jean-Charles Quebec

  8. Cockburn, James Ontario

  9. Coles, George Prince Edward Island

  10. Dickey, Robert Barry Nova Scotia

  11. Fisher, Charles New Brunswick

  12. Galt, Sir Alexander Tilloch Quebec

  13. Gray, John Hamilton New Brunswick

  14. Gray, John Hamilton Prince Edward Island

  15. Haviland, Thomas Heath Prince Edward Island

  16. Henry, William Alexander Nova Scotia

  17. Howland, William Pierce Ontario

  18. Johnson, John Mercer New Brunswick

  19. Langevin, Sir Hector-Louis Quebec

  20. Macdonald, Andrew Archibald Prince Edward Island

  21. Macdonald, Sir John A. Ontario

  22. McCully, Johnathan Nova Scotia

  23. McDougall, William Manitoba

  24. McGee, Thomas D’Arcy Quebec

  25. Mitchell, Peter New Brunswick

  26. Mowat, Sir Oliver Ontario

  27. Palmer, Edward Prince Edward Island

  28. Pope, William Henry Prince Edward Island

  29. Ritchie, John William Nova Scotia

  30. Shea, Sir Ambrose Newfoundland

  31. Steeves, William Henry New Brunswick

  32. Taché, Sir Étienne-Paschal Quebec

  33. Tilley, Sir Samuel Leonard New Brunswick

  34. Tupper, Sir Charles Nova Scotia

  35. Whelan, Edward Prince Edward Island

  36. Wilmot, Robert Duncan New Brunswick

RSS 8: Research and Report Rubric
Name: Date:
Father of Confederation Research Project:
(0) Not done (1) Beginning (2) Working on it (3) Got it






  • clearly understood the topic

  • had a clear idea of what I knew and what I needed to find out


  • found information in at least three sources besides the textbook

  • compared different sources to make sure my information was reliable

  • checked that my information was complete



  • full name and any titles

  • date and place of birth

  • date and place of death

  • family background

  • interesting facts about childhood or early years

  • interesting facts about personal life

  • contributions to the Confederation debate

  • portrait or image related to the biography

of one Father of Confederation from the list provided.


  • explained the main ideas very clearly

  • organized the information into subtopics in a logical way

  • presented most parts in ways that suited the type of information

  • had a creative presentation format with visuals

  • presentation was 3-5 minutes long

  • used effective presentation skills (see “Presentations” tip sheet)

RSS 15: Recording Information

Name: Date:

For Print Source
Place of publication:
Publishing company:
Year published:

For Internet Source
Author(s) (if given):
Title of page:
Name of Web site:
Host of site:
Date of last update:
Date I last looked at it:
Web site address:

Reliability Checklist

 Information is up-to-date.

 Ideas and opinions are based on facts.

 I trust the source.

 Information seems to be fair about different perspectives.

Record the information from this source in the space below. Write down the page number for each fact.

Add another page if you need more space!

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