Father of New France

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Chapter Six Study Guide
1. Who was the soldier and explorer whose leadership earned him the title "Father of New France"?
2. Why was France finally able to join in the scramble for colonies in the New World?
3. Describe the government in New France (Canada).
4. For what reasons did the population in Catholic New France grow very slowly?
5. How was New France unlike the English colonies in America?
6. What was the primary economic pursuit of early settlers in New France?
7. In what ways did the Indians suffer from their association with the French in New France?
8. Why did the French want to control Louisiana?
9. What precedent did America establish during the seventeenth century?
10. What were French motives in the New World?
11. How was the French and Indian War different from the first three Anglo-French wars?
12. Describe Britain’s salutary neglect following the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht.
13. Describe the War of Jenkins's Ear.
14. Why were New England colonists outraged when British diplomats returned Louisbourg to France in 1748?
15. What did the climactic clash between Britain and France for control of the North American continent spring from?
16. What was a key reason France needed to control the Ohio Valley?
17. How did George Washington fare In his first military command in the French and Indian War?
18. What was the French and Indian War known as in Europe?
19. Describe Americans in the colonial wars before 1754.
20. What was the immediate purpose of the Albany Congress of 1754?
21. What was the long-range purpose of the Albany Congress in 1754?
23. Why was Benjamin Franklin's plan for colonial home rule rejected by the individual colonies?
24. What was the result of General Braddock's defeat a few miles from Fort Duquesne?
25. Describe the British invasion of Canada in 1756 during the French and Indian War.
26. When William Pitt became prime minister during the French and Indian War, what was his military strategy?
27. Describe the peace arrangements that ended the French and Indian War.
28. What was the result of the French and Indian War for Great Britain?
29. For the American colonies, the French and Indian War had what effect?
30. Why did France have to give up its vision of a North American New France?
31. Why did the Acadians left Canada and where did they go?
32. When did the isolation of Louisiana's Cajun communities end?
33. During the French and Indian War, what disturbed British officers?
34. What effect did the end of the French and Indian War have on the American colonies?
35. What effect did the British and American victory in the French and Indian War have?
36. With the defeat of Chief Pontiac and his alliance, the British decided to?
37. Why did Chief Pontiac decide to try to drive the British out of the Ohio Valley?
38. What was the Proclamation of 1763?

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