Fashion history test what was the loincloth called worn by Egyptian Men?

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1. What was the loincloth called worn by Egyptian Men?

A. Shenti

B. Kalasiris

C. Shawl

D. Kilt
2. What time period was the pregnancy pillow popular?

A. 1200-1300”s

B. 1300-1400’s

C. 1400-1500’s

D. 1500-1600’s
3. When you used other people’s hair for the Pompadour hairstyle what was it called?

A. Rat

B. Mouse

C. Hamster

D. Gerbil
4. What time period was known as the Romantic Era?

A. 1600’s

B. 1700’s

C. 1800’s

D. 1900’s
5. Who invented the permanent wave?

A. Charlie Brown

B. Charles Limburg

C. Charles Nestle

D. Thomas Edison
6. The hobble skirt of the 1920’s was designed by?

A. Pauly Shore

B. Paul Simeon

C. Paul Thacker

D. Paul Poiret
7. Who was known to have the perfect hourglass figure?

A. Marilyn Manson

B. Marilyn Monroe

C. Lindsey Lohan

D. Elizabeth Taylor
8. What year did the term “teenager” become popular?

A. 1950’s

B. 1960’s

C. 1970’s

D. 1980’s

9. Capri’s originated as “clam diggers” in which time period?


B. 1940

C. 1930

D. 1910

E. 1920
10. What time period borrowed the platform shoes of the 1970’s?

A. 1700’s

B. 1970

C. 1960

D. 1940

E. 1990
11. When did movie stars begin to influence the styles of the public?

A. 1910

B. 1930

C. 1920

D. 1950

E. 1980
12. In what time period did women demand to vote?

A. 1910

B. 1990

C. 1980

D. 1960

E. 1970
13. What was the dress worn by women or men during the 1200-1300’s called?

A. Hobble Skirt

B. Kalasiris

C. Henin

D. Bliaud

E. Dandy
14. Designer labels hit the outside of clothing during this time.

A. 1950

B. 1990

C. 1970

D. 1960

E. 1980
15. What was the large stiff collar used during the 1400-1500’s?

A. Henin

B. Pregnancy Pillow

C. Bliaud

D. Ruff

E. Codpiece
16. Bomber jackets were paralleled in these two time periods:

A. 1950 & 1980

B. 1930 & 1970

C. 1920 & 1940

D. 1940 & 1980

E. 1960 & 1990

17. Jacqueline Kennedy influenced this time period with her clean-cut fashion.

A. 1940

B. 1950

C. 1960

D. 1970

E. 1980
18. What was the spiral hat created to resemble the spires of the cathedral called?

A. Shenti

B. Kalasiris

C. Hot Pants

D. Hennin

E. Bliaud

19. What was the silhouette called that had the softer shoulders, less restrictive corsets and no bustle?

A. Tubular

B. Hourglass

C. Exaggerated Hourglass

D. S-Curve

E. Inverted Triangle
20. When was the three-piece suit for gentlemen introduced?

A. 1940

B. 1930

C. 1920

D. 1910

E. 1950
21. The decorative triangular piece of fabric used to cover the groin was used during which time period?

A. 1600’s

B. B.C.

C. 1800’s

D. 1200-1300’s

E. 1400-1500’s
22. Seventeen magazine came out in this time period while the teen emerged as a focus for fashion marketing.

A. 1960’s

B. 1930’s

C. 1950’s

D. 1940’s

E. 1920’s

Write True or False:

23. In the 1960’s Wiggy was a very popular model.

24. A major fashion statement of the 1980’s was the tailored pantsuit.
25. Olivia Newton Johns song “Let’s get Physical” explained the workout movement of the 1980’s.
26. The first bra was used for lift and support.
27. Wallace Carothers invented nylon in 1927. However the material did not change women’s lives.
Short Answer:

28. What were the three major movements of the 1960’s?

29. How did the 1950’s affect the fashion?
30. When did the Vietnam War occur?
31. What era did the Civil War influence?
32. What were the “flower children” called of the 1960’s?

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