Farewell to Manzanar

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Farewell to Manzanar Reading Guide

These questions are for extra-credit. To earn one homework grade, complete one set of questions answered in complete sentences. You will be graded on participation and accuracy. You may choose to complete any or all of the question sets.

Part I: Chapters 1, 2, 3
1. What is the setting when the story opens?

2. Why did the fishing boats return?

3. What did Papa do the night he heard the news?

4. Why was the FBI picking up Japanese-American fishermen?

5. What happened to Papa two weeks later, and how did he react?

6. Why was Jeanne afraid on Terminal Island?

7. What was Order 9066 and how did it affect the Japanese Americans?

8. How does Jeanne describe the public attitudes toward the Japanese in California?

Include the example of her teacher in Boyle Heights.

9. What happened to the Wakatsuki family?

10. Describe the conditions in the barracks.
Part I: Chapters 4, 5, 6
1. How was the War Department helping the people in the camps to get better clothing?

2. What was Jeanne’s physical condition at the camp?

3. What is Jeanne’s observation of how Mama coped with using the latrines?

4. How does Jeanne describe the entire situation?

5. What happened in the mess halls that changed the families? Why did this happen?

6. What work did Mama start doing? Why was she doing it?

7. How old is the author in this part of the story?

8. Describe the reunion with Papa. Include how he looked and what Jeanne did.

9. How does Jeanne as an adult see the cane that Papa brought back with him from

Fort Lincoln?

10. What job did Papa have at Fort Lincoln? Why did he have that job?
Part I: Chapters 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
1. The interrogator asked Papa what he thought of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

What was Papa’s response?

2. Why were the women calling papa “inu”?

3. Summarize the scene in Chapter 8 where Papa attacked Mama. Explain why this attack

was different from previous ones.

4. Why wouldn’t Papa or most of the other Japanese-American men talk about Fort Lincoln?

5. Who was Fred Tayama? Why and when he was beaten?

6. Describe the riot. Include the causes, results, and the name of the leader.

7. Describe the events that took place in the reservoir shack.

8. What two questions were on the Loyalty Oath?

9. How does Jeanne describe the results of the Loyalty Oath?

10. How did Papa answer the questions on the Loyalty Oath? Why did he answer that way?

Part II: Chapters 12, 13, 14, 15
1. The word manzanar is Spanish. What is the English translation of the word? Why was

Manzanar so named?

2. What did the trees symbolize for Jeanne?

3. How did life in the camp change after the fist year?

4. What activities was papa doing?

5. What did the residents do to make the camp livable?

6. What does Jeanne say the camp became as the months turned into years? Explain what she

meant by this.

7. What would Jeanne have done if she had been told she was free? Why did she say she

would act so?

8. How did Jeanne describe ballet before and after the demonstration by the dancer? Include

9. What was Papa’s reaction when Jeanne said she wanted to be baptized and confirmed Catholic?

Why did he react that way? Did Jeanne follow through with her plan?

10. What happened to Woody? How did Jeanne feel about it?

Part II: Chapters 16, 17, 18, 19
1. Describe the first two Supreme Court cases involving the camps.

2. Describe the Supreme Court case called Ex Parte Endo and the ruling that resulted from it.

Include the meaning of the term habeas corpus and the result of the ruling.

3. What problem did the family face as a result of the court ruling?

4. Jeanne said she had a foretaste of being hated. How did she say she would have to respond?

How did she feel about it?

5. What comparison did Jeanne use to describe Papa now?

6. Why did Papa wait for the government to arrange his departure from the camp?

7. What event finally caused the camps to be completely closed? When did this happen?

8. Describe Woody’s journey in April 1946. Tell where he went, what he did, and whom he saw,

and how he was treated.

9. Jeanne says the family left the camp “in style.” Describe this.

10. What job did Mama take? What did Papa do after they settled into Cabrillo Homes?
Part II: Chapters 20, 21
1. What did Jeanne do on her first day in class that amazed one of the other students? What was

Jeanne’s reaction to the girl’s comment?

2. What was Jeanne’s double impulse?

3. In which areas was Jeanne allowed to perform? In which areas was there another set of rules?

4. How did Jeanne view her situation when it was happening and also as an adult looking back

when she wrote the book?

5. What was the sign to Jeanne of how to cross what she called “intangible barriers?”

6. How were Papa’s failures contrasted by Woody’s return?

7. What happened to the relationship between Jeanne and Radine when they went to high school?

Why did this happen? How did Jeanne feel about it?

8. Describe Jeanne’s dream and what it meant to her.

9. What important event happened to Jeanne during her senior year in high school? What was

Papa’s response to the knowledge of this event? How did Jeanne respond?

10. Describe coronation night. Include a description of Jeanne’s dress.

Chapter 22
1. How long did it take Jeanne to get the confidence to deal with Manzanar?

2. What family “firsts” did Jeanne accomplish?

3. Where did Jeanne go in April 1972? Who went with her?

4. What did the place look like?

5. What did Jeanne feel and hear?

6. What was Jeanne thinking about as she looked around?

7. What inscription did Jeanne read on the flagpole circle and what was the significance?

8. What was Jeanne thinking about her oldest daughter?

9. How did the trip help Jeanne?

10 What did Jeanne remember, and what did it signify?

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