Farewell to Manzanar Project Information Sheet Journal Entry #1

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Farewell to Manzanar

Project Information Sheet

  • Journal Entry #1: Discuss the physical and emotional struggles that the people of Manzanar were forced to endure while in the Relocation Camp.

  • Journal Entry #2 Describe the effects of alcoholism on Jeanne’s father. Include Jeanne’s reactions to her father’s drunken behavior.

  • Journal Entry #3: Describe what is left at Manzanar when Jeanne finally returns. How did Jeanne react when she returned? Why was returning to Manzanar important to Jeanne?

  • Timeline: Create a timeline of the events, laws, and significant incidents pertaining to Japanese Americans and Japanese immigrants from 1900-1990. Use the large sheets of plain white paper provided by your teacher or if you create your timeline on the computer, connect two to three regular sized sheets of paper. Your timeline must include 25 entries with at least 5 pictures to symbolize your events. Write a sentence or two explaining each entry and denoting the time that the entry took place.

  • Map: On a United States map, locate and label the following Relocation Centers: Manzanar, Gila River, Granada, Heart Mountain, Jerome, Minidoka, Poston, Rohwer, Topaz, and Tule Lake. Then trace the travels of Jeanne and her family from Mama to Papa’s arrival on the mainland through the location of each family member after Manzanar. Your map must be colorful, neat, and easy to read.

  • Project: Design a trifold display representing the Japanese customs. Your project should answer questions such as the following: Define customs, What is the Japanese religion?, What kind of jobs do they have?, What kind of festivals do they have? How do they view family?, etc. You may also include information about Japanese food and manners as well as other information you may find. Your trifold must include both information and pictures. You will have a minimum of twenty facts and five pictures.

  • History Connection: Research the Relocation Centers in the United States during World War II. Choose two of the centers and create a PowerPoint presentation comparing the two. You will need to complete five slides for each center, ten total. Each slide should include information about the center including such things as number of people, nationalities, type of housing, what food was like, who was in charge, agricultural products produced in the camp, location of the camps, date started, etc. Each slide must also include pictures and transitions.

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