Famous African American Assignment

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Famous African American Assignment
Due February 19, 2010
February is Black History Month and every student in our class will be creating a poster on one famous African American. A list of famous African Americans will be provided to students. Your person will be selected at random.
Your poster must contain the following:

  • The Person’s full name

  • A picture(s) of your person

  • A time line (in sequence order by dates)

    • Date of birth and place of birth

    • If the person died, date of person’s death

    • Three (3) more interesting dates about this person

    • A template for the timeline can be found on my website on the Social Studies page – www.franklinboe.org, go to SGS, Teacher Contact

  • Type a summary about your person in your own words (Do not plagiarize). This must be at least 200 words. Font type – Times New Roman or Arial. Font size – 12.

    • Include what your person is famous for.

    • Include at least three (3) interesting facts about your person.

Posters need to be creative, neat, and organized! Remember these posters will be used to create a book.

Martin Luther King, Jr.





Mary McLeod Bethune

Booker T. Washington

W.E.B. Du Bois

Abolitionist/Civil Rights

Harriet Tubman

Nat Turner

Angela Davis

Malcolm X

Marcus Garvey

Paul Robeson

Sojourner Truth

Frederick Douglass


Gwendolyn Brooks

Alex Haley

Maya Angelou

Jacob Lawrence

Langston Hughes

Richard Wright

Ida B. Wells-Barnett

Ed Bradley

James Baldwin


Benjamin Banneker

Charles Drew

Ben Carson

Mae Jamison

Garrett A. Morgan

Bessie Coleman

Madam C.J. Walker

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams


Thurgood Marshall

Shirley Chisholm

Colin Powell

Condoleeza Rice

Barbara Jordan

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