Family relationships

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Personal Christianitycant.


james, Katherine

Family life—the Christian way. 39-41 Palace St., London, S.W.I,
Shelton & Murray, 1/8. Aug [1956]. 36/>. 18icm. Sd. (Cos-
queville series—no.3) (B56-10915)

start, Kathleen, and gilson, Mary

The Jessop family: episodes for reading and questions for dis­
cussion by a young wives' group. London, Epworth P., 1/6.
Apr 1956. 32p. 18|cm. Sd. (B56-5565)


o'brien, John Anthony

Happy marriage: guidance before and after ; with a preface by
the Most Reverend Richard J. Gushing. London, W. H. Allen,
16/-. Mar 1956. 266p. tables, diagrs. 22cm. (B56-3031)

24!.[]]sex wylie, William Percy

Questions men ask. London, published for the White Cross
Trustees in association with the Church of England Moral Wel­
fare Council by the Church Information Board, 9d. Apr 1956.
24/?. 18Jc/w. Sd. (B56-5566)


perrin, Joseph Marie

Virginity ; translated [from the French] by Katherine Gordon.

London, Blackfriars Publications, 12/-. Apr 1956. xiv,161p.

19rm. (B56-5567)

Originally published as Virginltf. Paris, Editions du Ccrfs. 1952. 241.[1]TEMPERANCE. DRINKING

ford, John Cuthbert

Man takes a drink: facts and principles about alcohol; with a
foreword by Andre* L. Simon. London, Burns & Gates, 6/-. Sep
1956. 96p. tables, bibliog. \S\cm. Sd. (B56-12073)

"... adapted for th< British reader from the original edition which appeared in the United States of America."Publisher's note. Subsidiary subject: 613.81 - Hygiene. Intoxicants.



greenstock, David Lionel

Death: the glorious adventure. May 1956. 112/7. 18irm. Sd.

London, Burns & Gates, 9/6. (B56-5568)


hope, Mary

Towards evening. London, Sheed & Ward, 10/6. Sep 1956.
[5],178/>. 2 Hem. (B56-11727)

Originally published, New York. Sheed A Ward, 1955. 242.[1]~ -CONSOLATION. SICKNESS

hession, Brian Determined to live.

See 616.994[1] — Medicine.

Cancer. Personal narratives.


coulson, Robert Gustavus

London, J. Murray, (B56-2548)

Into God: an exercise in contemplation. 9/6 Feb 1956. 175;?. 22km.

francis, of Sales, Saint, (1527-1622)

[Introduction a la vie devote]. Introduction to the devout life ;
newly translated by Michael Day. London, Burns, Gates, 12/6.
May 1956. x,26l/>. 20jcm. (Orchard books) (B56-6655)

goldsmith, Joel Solomon Infinite way letters, 1955. 244p. 17cm.

London, Fowler, 15/-. Sep 1956. (B56-13107)

London, Fowler. 8/6.

Jun [1956J. (B56-7350)

Practicing the Presence. nip. 17jcm.

Personal Christianitycont.


john, of the Cross, Saint, (1542-1591)


McNABB, Vincent

The mysticism of St. John of the Cross. [The Friars, Aylesford

(Kent), St. Albert's P.], I/-. ["Dec 1955]. 12p. 22cm. Sd.

Reprinted from Blackfriars. (B56-262)

Suso, Heinrich

[Das grosse Briefbuchj. The letters of Henry Suso to his spiritual daughters ; translated [from the German] by Kathleen Goldmann. London, Blackfriars Publications, 4/-. 1955. 76p. 19cm. Sd.


therhse, of Lisieux. Saint, (1873-1897)

Exposition combes, Andre*

Saint The'rese and her mission: the basic principles of Th<$rcsian
spirituality, by Abbe* Andre* Combes; translated [from the
French] by Alastair Guinan. Dublin, Gill, 16/-. [dOct] 1956.
x,229/7. bibliog. 22cm. (B56-15274)

Originally published as Saintc Thtrese dc Ll\ieu\ et sa mission. Pans. Editions Univcrsitaires. 1954.

vie spirituelle

Mystery and mysticism: a symposium ; first published in French
as a special issue of " La Vie Spirituelle." London, Blackfriars
Publications, 9/6. Mar 1956. v,137p. 22cm. (B56-5101)


dempster, George Fyfe

Until he finds it: the memorial volume edited and introduced
by Geoffrey R. King. London, Hodder & Stoughton, 3/6. Nov
[1956]. xv,l6-91/?. 18irm. Sd. (B56-15275)

lockykr, Herbert

The art of winning souls: practical hints for Christian workers. London, Jackman, 3/6. 1955. 64/>. 18icm. Sd. (B56-4541)

244/245—Christian Religious Literature


danson smith, James, and danson smi in, Theodore Chalmers,


Dark before dawn: daily meditations. 28 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, 1, Barbour ; London, Pickering & Inglis, 1/3. [dMar 1956]. [34]/?. 17cm. Sd. (Meditation series—no.22)


fosdick, Harry Emerson

The three meanings: prayer, faith, service. London, S.C.M. Press, 16/-. Sep 1956. [953]p. bibliog. 22cm. (B56-12074)

Various paging. Contains The meaning of prayer originally published 1915 ; The meaning of faith originally published 1918 ; The meaning of service originally published 1921.

gay, Francis

The friendship book: a thought for each day. London, D. C. Thomson.

1957. 5/-. Oct [1956J. (160)/>. front., plates. 19cm. (B5&-15653)

jones, Eli Stanley

Mastery: the art of mastering life. London, Hodder & Stoughton,
10/6. May [1956]. xvii,364p. 16|cm. (B56-7351)

Originally published, New York, Abingdon P.. 1955.

king, Guy Hope

A day at a time. London, Marshall, Morgan & Scott, 12/6.
Jul 1956. 224p. 20icm. (B56-10375)

laubach, Frank Charles

Learning the vocabulary of God: a spiritual diary. London,
United Society for Christian Literature ; Lutterworth P., 2/6.
Nov 1956. 88/>. 18icm. Sd. (B56-16052)


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