Family in a totalitarian state

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3.2 Family in a totalitarian state

He was raised in the in the wake of the Victorian age and reached adulthood in the years of the Great War. Young Huxley rebelled against the conservative and reactionary ideas of the old generation (Murray 7) This allowed him to experience two distinct eras, where different values were postulated. - Victorian Era England, Huxley grew up with the conservative ideas like family.. 20th cent breaks away, scientific revolution also leads to psychology to Freud and to sexual liberation. Marriage loses its importance.

Family bonds have been eradicated because babies are no longer born bur artificially created.

This stateman can be taken one step further; all meaningful, interpersonal bonds have disappeared altogether from the World State. They had bc they were a danger to stability (Šešlak, 36)

The advent of scientific discoveries, new technologies and novel disciplines such as psychology created more progressive attitudes toward human life as well as a rejection of tradition.

marriage, love, motherhood and parenthood, are eradicated in the World State because they date back to the decadent social scale and because these human states of being with what they spawn of ‘endless isolating pain, […], uncertainties and poverty’, Mond asserts, force people ‘to feel strongly. And feeling strongly, […] how could they be stable?’(p. 35). Mond eliminates language that expresses thoughts and emotions, the sources of instability.

Why is "mother" such an obscene word?

It refers to the past world order where people were individuals living in the basic social units called families.

Every association of family, of preference for one person over another, has been conditioned out of the people.

The idea of marriage, giving birth and being a part of a family fills the characters of BNW with disgust. It is, they think, how dirty animals live, not how civilized human beings ought to live.

­– History has to be eliminated

  • Totalitarian States in dystopia – want to control all aspects of social life – family being the basic unit of society is the first thing to be attacked – does not allow for intimacy or deeper connection but in BNW it can be argued that intimacy does exist – people go to feelies, futuristic cinema, on dates and then end up in bed in a hotel room together. The realtions they build this way are meaningless – one time fun and then they move on to another sexual partner – the state got rid of the institution of marriage and then made sure ppl would not fall in love and so they never try to rebel against – there is no relationship that tries to survive and go against the order – Bernard does love Lenina but seeing the hopelessness of the situation created by hypnopaedia and soma he just gives in to what everyone else is doing and takes Lenina like a pieces of meat. There is also surveliance in the form of people reporting – if someone is differing from the rest – they get send away.

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