Falls Prevention in the dds population

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Falls Prevention in the DDS Population”

Falls Prevention for People with ID - Preliminary Resource List
Falls Assessment and Risk Screening Tools

  • Boston University Health and Disability Research Institute offers functional measures, health promotion programs, resources for consumers and consultative services. http://www.bu.edu/hdr/products

  • The Missouri Alliance for Home Care Screening Tool:


  • HHQI (Home Health Quality Improvement) periodically lists falls prevention resources on their website, including best practice interventions, podcasts for home health aids, and video demonstration of the Timed Up and Go test. Register on the site to gain full access http://www.homehealthquality.org/hh/default.aspx

Some of the materials found here: http://www.homehealthquality.org/hh/ed_resources/interventionpackages/falls_prevention.aspx

  • HHQI plans to offer a Best Practice Intervention Package for falls prevention in July 2010 through a link from this page: http://www.homehealthquality.org/hh/resources/education/default.aspx 

Additional Information

  • MA Falls Prevention Coalition connects individuals and organizations from Massachusetts who are working on falls prevention. The coalition works with health care professionals, government officials and consumers to develop and implement evidence-based programs to prevent falls in Massachusetts. Contact Alissa Weintraub for more information: AWeintraub@MECF.org or http://maseniorcarefoundation.org/Initiatives/Falls_Prevention/Massachusetts_Falls_Prevention_Coalition.aspx

  • A Matter of Balance is an evidence-based fall prevention program effective in reducing fear of falling in numerous states and communities. For more information visit: Maine Health’s Partnership for Healthy Again at: http://www.mmc.org/mh_body.cfm?id=5079

  • Strong for Life is an evidence-based home-based exercise and fall prevention program developed at Boston University www.bu.edu/hdr/products/stronglife/index.html

  • American Physical Therapy Association What You Need to Know About Balance and Falls. www.apta.org

  • FallPROOF! Is a comprehensive balance and mobility training program designed by researchers at California State University, Fullerton. Order from:

www.exrx.net/Store/HK/Fallproof.html or www.exrx.net/Exinfo/balance.html

  • Keep Moving Walking Club Directory can be downloaded at: www.mass.gov/dph

Enter search words ‘Keep Moving’

  • MassMedline (Massachuseets College of Pharmacy) provides consultation and health information on medication issues related to falls. Visit: www.massmedline.com

  • Safe Steps Program was developed by the Home Safety Council to educate older adults and family members on how to reduce their risk of falling. Visit: http://homesafetycouncil.org

  • Preventing Falls: What Works: A Compendium of Effective Community-based Interventions from Around the World http://www.cdc.gov/ncipc/duip/fallsmaterial.htm

  • The American OT Association is planning to launch a 15-minute podcast for the general public on falls prevention in January 2009. http://www.aota.org/Consumers/Podcasts.aspx?emc=lm&m=342228&l=32&v=2093304

Links to Falls Prevention Programs for Seniors

Note: many components are relevant to the population of (aging) people with ID living in the community (this is an expanded version of list compiled by Peirce County Aging &Disability Resource Center, WA)

  • Active Independent Guide for Falls Prevention and Active Living www.Falls-Chutes.com

  • Falls Free: A National Falls Prevention Action Plan


  • Center for Healthy Aging Falls Free Electronic News http://www.healthyagingprograms.org

  • National Council on Aging’s Center for Healthy Aging Evidence-Based Programs, Model Programs (and toolkits), and Best Practices for Older Adults


  • Center of Excellence for Fall Prevention http://www.stopfalls.org

  • National Resource Center on Supportive Housing and Home Modification www.homemods.org

  • CDC Tool Kit to Prevent Senior Falls: Falls in Nursing Home www.cdc.gov/ncipc/factsheets/nursing.htm

  • CDC Falls Prevention page http://www.cdc.gov/ncipc/factsheets/falls.htm

  • Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare http://www.psqh.com/mayjun06/falls.html

  • National Center for Patient Safety Falls Toolkit www.patientsafety.gov/SafetyTopics/fallstoolkit

  • National Guideline Clearinghouse (Search under fall prevention programs) www.guideline.gov

  • Home Safety Council: State of Home Safety’s Facts about safety in the home


  • American Society on Aging Web Cast: Reducing the Risk of Falling www.asaging.org/webseminars

  • National Safety Council www.nsc.org/issues/fallstop.htm

  • British Columbia Injury Research and Prevention Unit www.injuryresearch.bc.ca/fallsPrevIndex.htm

  • National Institute on Aging, AgePage: Preventing Falls and Fractures


  • California Blueprint For Falls Prevention


  • Queensland, Australia Statewide Action Plan: Falls Prevention in Older People 2002-2006


  • Washington State Falls Prevention web site http://www.fallsfreewashington.org

  • WA State Dept. of Health Report - Falls Among Older Adults: Strategies for Prevention

Tools: Falls brochures and Guides for older adults

  • CDC’s “What You Can Do To Prevent Falls” and “Home Safety Checklist”


  • “Getting Up From a Fall” handout from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons


  • Falls prevention best practice information: Stay Active and Independent for Life: An Information Guide for Adults 65+ (32 pg pdf) http://www.doh.wa.gov/hsqa/emstrauma/injury/

  • Home Safety Checklist in English, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Russian and Tagalog www.aging.ca.gov

  • “Exercise and Physical Activity: Your Everyday Guide from the National Institute on Aging” U.S Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Aging: 800-222-2225; Free PDF download available at www.nia.nih.gov; NIH Publication No. 09-4258


  • Bray, A., Hale, L. and Littmann, A. (2007). Assessing the balance capabilities of people with profound intellectual disabilities who have experienced a fall. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research 51(4). Available in pdf: http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/117990125/abstract#ss12

  • Tinetti, M. & Kumar, Chandrika, K. (2010). The patient who falls, ‘It’s always a trade-off.’ JAMA 303(3), 258-267. Available in pdf: http://pubget.com/paper/20085954

  • American Geriatrics Society. (2001). Guidelines for the Prevention of Falls in Older Persons. Available in pdf: http://www.americangeriatrics.org/products/positionpapers/falls.pdf

Falls Prevention Equipment

  • Alimed. Medical and ergonomic products. Several falls prevention devices available, including exit alarms, ADL devices, step alarms, mats, non-slip footwear, hip protectors, etc. http://www.alimed.com

  • Hartling Communications. Based in Burlington, MA specializes in equipment / supports for people with hearing loss. Includes TTYs, assistive listening devices, and flashing and vibrating signalers. http://www.hearitbetter.com

Center for Developmental Disabilities Evaluation and Research. April 2010

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