Fall of the Roman Empire Barbarian Migrations and the Roman West, 376-568

The Ruin of the Roman Empire: A New History

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The Ruin of the Roman Empire: A New History

James J O'Ddonnell 2009 3.4 stars/26 reviews 6 copies in the library

The dream Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar shared of uniting Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East in a single community shuddered and then collapsed in the wars and disasters of the sixth century. Historian and classicist James J. O'Donnell, who last brought readers his masterful, disturbing, and revelatory biography of Saint Augustine; revisits this old story in a fresh way, bringing home its sometimes painful relevance to today's issues. With unexpected detail and in his hauntingly vivid style, O'Donnell begins at a time of apparent Roman revival and brings readers to the moment of imminent collapse that just preceded the rise of Islam. Illegal migrations of peoples, religious wars, global pandemics, and the temptations of empire: Rome's end foreshadows today's crises and offers hints how to navigate them; if present leaders will heed this story.


The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire 6 volumes

Edward Gibbon 1776 to 1778 11 copies in the library

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Fall of the Roman Republic

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