Fairy Tales The Grimm Brothers

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Fairy Tales - The Grimm Brothers

  1. The Grimm Brothers: _________________


  1. They were from _____________________

  1. Family Life:

Fairy Tales:

  1. The Grimm Brothers collected their tales from/by:

  1. The Grimms wanted people to know the basic truths about ____________________________________________, and they wanted to preserve _________________________.

  1. German culture needed protection from __________________ and _____________________________ culture.

  1. Together, the Grimm Brothers published __________ collections of fairy tales.

  1. Their most famous collection was _______________________

  1. Notable Fairy Tales:

Modern Versions:
Directory: cms -> lib -> NC01001395 -> Centricity -> Domain -> 1469
Domain -> Heart of Darkness
Domain -> Directions: You may download these questions from my website and simply type your answers in the color of your choice, with a name and color legend. Section I
1469 -> World Myths Unit Essential Question
1469 -> Medical Experiments of the Holocaust and Nazi Medicine
1469 -> Madame Schachter and the flame on the image above, create
1469 -> Mon 9/15 Renaissance, Henry and Anne Anne of the Thousand Days Read Thomas More’s Utopia and complete t-chart for Weds. The assignment is on the back. Tue 9/16
1469 -> Satire: a genre that ridicules vice or folly. Parody
1469 -> Medical Experiments of the Holocaust and Nazi Medicine
1469 -> The Epic of Gilgamesh Hero’s Journey Project
1469 -> Beowulf Themes Goodness conquers evil

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