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Late policy: Deadlines are a part of all professional writing. The penalty for late submission of any work is 5% per working day (therefore not including weekends) to a maximum of five (5) consecutive days (including weekends), after which the Blackboard link will be deactivated. Assignments will not be accepted more than five (5) consecutive days following the due date and emailed assignments will not be accepted.
Any student in need of an extended deadline must negotiate a reasonable extension with the professor in advance of the published deadline. Only under extraordinary circumstances will late assignments be accepted without communication prior to the deadline. Documentation of the circumstances must be provided by the student upon request. Any extension granted is entirely at the discretion of the professor and deductions may still be applied for any late assignment submissions.
Electronic Submission of Work: You must post your completed assignment using the appropriate link on the Blackboard course site. Include your name in the file name of any assignment that you post and in the text of the file. Any student who fails to include their name in their assignment will be penalized and may receive a score of zero (0) for that work if the instructor cannot identify the author.
Assignments must be submitted in a usable format that functions on the College’s Blackboard system. That means formatting files in a .docx or .pdf format. A .pdf document is the surest way to preserve your document format when posting on Blackboard. If you are using an Apple product, do not submit a Pages document. In specific cases where an image is required, you may use a .jpg format. This is not one of those occasions.
Files submitted using a format that cannot be opened by the professor, which are non-functional, or which are otherwise faulty will not be marked. Students will not receive a do-over for improperly formatted and non-functioning files or for files that were not successfully uploaded to Blackboard. It is your responsibility to ensure that your files are properly formatted and posted before the published deadlines. Professors are not responsible for pursuing students who submit late, incorrect, incompatible, empty, or corrupted files.

Download 29.66 Kb.

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