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INW100NAA: Travel Journal Assignment

Professor Mark W. Bailey Summer 2022

emailed assignments will not be accepted

Due Date: Friday, Jun 10 end-of-day
Length: 1000 words (~4 pages)
Value: 25% of your final grade
The Assignment: This is an individual assignment. Your task is to research and write a travel journal for one of the persons listed in the table below. Part of the assignment will be to find examples of travel journals from the past and to follow their “style” in writing your own example.
Sources & Citations: As a story set in history, the assignment requires historical research. This means that you must locate, read, and use primary historical sources and secondary sources in print and electronic media. Those sources must include academic works—either articles or books. You must include MLA-style citations to all your sources of information.
All sources must be cited. All citations must be in standard MLA (Modern Language Association) format; otherwise, you run the risk of plagiarism. The College’s policies regarding academic integrity will be strictly followed in this regard. A minimum penalty of a grade of zero (0) will be given to any assignment in which plagiarism or other forms of academic dishonesty are evident.
If you are unfamiliar with the MLA citation system, the College maintains an extensive reference website here. Claiming ignorance of the MLA system is not a defense for failing to use it properly.
In-text citations and the separate “Works Cited” page should be carefully edited. Marks will be deducted for incorrect incorporation of quoted passages and incorrect textual citations. Improper layout, form, typographical errors, and spelling mistakes in your “Works Cited” page will also be penalized. This means that the entire page should be thoroughly edited and proofread. You can consult Citing Sources: Style Guides in the Seneca Libraries system for more information about MLA rules. See Citing Sources on the Library’s webpage.
Format: The biography should be no more than 1000 words in length (about 4 pp.). Follow the general guidelines of the MLA-style format for your paper, an example of which can be found on the Seneca Libraries website. You may wish to examine examples of travelogues to familiarize yourself with the stylistic conventions of writing such a piece but do not copy or paraphrase from them. The travelogue should be your own work and words.
Write in sentence and paragraph form. Double-space all lines of text. Indent paragraphs 1 tab or ½" or 1 cm. Leave margins of at least 35mm left and right. Use a 12-point sans-serif* font-style. You may integrate a couple of suitable images in your essay but if you do so remember to provide source information. Note some of these requirements differ slightly from the Library’s example. 
*A sans-serif font-style has no "feet" at the bottom of its vertical strokes. This font, "Calibri", is a sans-serif font. MS Word provides many possible choices from its dropdown menu. This font, "Times New Roman", is a serif font.

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