Facts About Champagne and Other Sparkling Wines

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Chapter V

, first page through "... the bulk of the new-made" left edge of text missing: manu/[fac]ture only just... (at line break) [en]ds. [res]ervoirs ... [bei]ng allowed ... [for]ty-four gallons ... (number supplied from other passages) loosens the agrafe securing the cork, Bang goes the latter comma in original may be intentional from one to three per cent. of liqueur. text has comma for period St. Marceaux and Co.'s New Establishment text reads "Co.'" Those magnates of the champagne trade, Messrs. Moët and Chandon text reads "Mesrs." Messrs. Moët and Chandon give a banquet or a ball period (full stop) invisible resting familiarly on the maréchal's shoulder period (full stop) invisible bounded by trees and garden-plats text unchanged: probably correct the liqueur which Messrs. Giesler add so sparingly text reads "Griesler" [Illustration: THE CELLARS OF M. ACKERMAN-LAURANCE AT SAINT-FLORENT. LABELLING AND PACKING SPARKLING SAUMUR. (p. 150.)] opening parenthesis missing having composed at his mistress's table some doggrel rhymes spelling unchanged restored Stolzenfels, the historic Königs-stuhl text reads "Konigs-stuhl" vineyards of Bösing, Geñnau, and St. Georgen spelling unchanged Societa Unione Enofila accent missing in original cannot be gainsayed. spelling unchanged curaçoa spelling unchanged (two occurrences)

List of BrandsPOMMERY, VEUVE, Reims final "s" missing

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