Facts About Champagne and Other Sparkling Wines

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Firms and Wholesale Agents. Brands. Qualities. / On side of Corks.

ACKERMAN-LAURANCE, St. Florent, Saumur J. N. Bishop, 41, Crutched Friars, London Timothy Stevens, 29, Beaver Street, New York Chapin and Gore, 70, Monroe Street, Chicago [Cork] Carte d'Or / Carte d'Or. Carte Rose / Carte Rose. Carte Bleue / Carte Bleue. Carte Noire / Carte Noire.

DUVAU, LOUIS, Aîné, Château de Varrains, Saumur Jolivet and Canney, 3, Idol Lane, London [Cork] Carte d'Or, Extra Superior Carte d'Argent, Extra Carte Blanche, Superior Carte Rose, Ordinary

LORRAIN, JULES, Château De la Côte, Varrains, near Saumur J. Lorrain, 73, Great Tower Street, London [Cork] Carte d'Or Carte Blanche Carte Rose Carte Bleue

ROUSTEAUX, A., St. Florent, Saumur Cock, Russell, & Co., 63, Great Tower Street, London I. H. Smith's Sons, Peck Slip, New York Law, Young, & Co., Montreal [Cork] Extra [Cork] First [Cork] Second [Cork] Third Sparkling Vouvray, Superior Sparkling Vouvray

NORMANDIN, E., & CO., Châteauneuf-sur-Charente P. A. Maignen, 22, Great Tower Street, London [Cork] Sparkling Sauternes (Extra Dry) Sparkling Sauternes (Dry)


Firms and Wholesale Agents. Brands. Qualities. / On side of Corks.

ANDRÉ & VOILLOT, Beaune Cock, Russell, & Co., 63, Great Tower Street, London P. W. Engs and Sons, 131, Front Street, New York [Cork] Romanée (White) Nuits (do.) Volnay (do.) Saint-Péray Pink and Red Wines

LATOUR, LOUIS, Beaune Reuss, Lauteren, & Co., 39, Crutched Friars, London [Cork] Romanée (White) Nuits (do.) Volnay (do.) Saint-Péray (do.) Chambertin (Red) Nuits (do.) Volnay (do.)

LIGER-BELAIR, COMTE, Nuits and Vôsne Fenwick, Parrot, & Co., 124, Fenchurch Street, London [Cork] Carte d'Or (White) Carte Noire (do.) Carte Verte (do.) Carte Noire (Red) Carte Blanche (do.)


Firms and Wholesale Agents. Brands. Qualities. / On side of Corks.

DEINHARD & CO., Coblenz Deinhard & Co., 6, Idol Lane, London H. G. Schmidt & Co., 38, Beaver Street, New York [Cork] First [Cork] Second [Cork] Third

EWALD & CO., Rudesheim-on-Rhine Simon and Dale, Old Trinity House, 5, Water Lane, London [Cork] Sparkling Hock Nonpareil (Extra Dry and Dry) Sparkling Moselle Muscatel Nonp. (Dry) Sparkling Moselle (Nonp.) Scharzberg (Dry)

HOCHHEIM ASSOCIATION, Hochheim-on-Maine F. Class & Co., 31, Crutched Friars, London [Cork] Sparkling and Creaming Johannisberg Hochheim First (White or Red) Do. Second (do.) Do. Third (do.) Do. Fourth (do.) Hocks and Moselles Nonpareil First Second Third [Cork] Fourth

KESSLER, G. C., & CO., Esslingen George Saurmann, 7, Cross Lane, St. Mary-at-Hill, London [Cork] Kaiser Wein Sparkling Hock Do. Neckar

LAUTEREN, C. SOHN, Mayence Reuss, Lauteren, & Co., 39, Crutched Friars, London [Cork] Sparkling Johannisberg Hock No. 1 Do. No. 2 Do. No. 3 Moselle, Dry, No. 1 Do. No. 2 Do. No. 3 Moselle, Muscatel, No. 1 Do. No. 2 Do. No. 3

MÜLLER, MATHEUS, Eltville M. Muller, 15, Philpot Lane, London [Cork] Flower of Sparkling Johannisberg Sparkling Johannisberg Pearl of the Moselle Extra Superior Moselle Nonpareil Sparkling Moselle Nonpareil Sparkling Hock Fine Sparkling do. Fine Sparkling Moselle Sparkling Assmannshäuser, Superior (Red) Sparkling Assmannshäuser (do.) [Cork] Sparkling Hock (Ordinary) Sparkling Moselle (do.)

OPPMANN, MICHAEL, Würzburg [Cork] Franconia Wine: Nonpareil Stein Wine Blue Label White Label Sparkling Moselle, First Do. do., Second Do. Hock, First Do. do., Second

SILIGMÜLLER, F. A., Würzburg [Cork] Cabinet / Cabinet. Carte d'Or Carte Blanche Carte Noire

STÖCK, JOS, & SÖHNE, Creuznach John Barnett & Son, 36, Mark Lane, London [Cork] Johnnnisberg, supr. Scharzberg, do. Johannisberg, ordin. Scharzberg, do. Hock, superior Moselle, do. Hock, ordin. Moselle, do. Red Hock, First Do., Second Do., Third Do., Fourth


Firms and Wholesale Agents. Brands. Qualities. / On side of Corks.

KLEINOSCHEG BROTHERS, Graz, Styria Davis and Littlewood, 4 and 5, Botolph Lane, London [Cork] Dry Pale Styrian Muscat Champagne. Dry Pale Styrian Champagne Sparkling Burgundy (Red)

HUBERT & HABERMANN, Pressburg, Hungary C. O. Pattenhausen, 40, Great Tower Street, London [Cork] Sparkling White Sparkling Red (Carlovitz)

DE RIEDMATTEN, DE QUAY, & CIE., Sion, Valais, Switzerland [Cork] Carte Verte, Glacier du Rhône Carte Blanche, Mont-Blanc


Firms and Wholesale Agents. Brands. Qualities. / On side of Corks.

KELLEY'S ISLAND WINE CO., Kelley's Island, Ohio [Cork] Island Queen Nonpareil Carte Blanche

PLEASANT VALLEY WINE CO., Hammondsport, N.Y. [Cork] Great Western (Dry and Extra Dry) Carte Blanche Pleasant Valley Paris Exposition

URBANA WINE CO., Hammondsport, N.Y. [Cork] Gold Seal (Extra Dry) Gold Seal Imperial Royal Rose

* * * * *

[Author's errata sheet, first part]

The subjoined corrections are necessary in the following brands (See pages 226 and 227):--

FISSE, THIRION, & Co., Reims Stallard and Smith, 25, Philpot Lane, London [Cork] Cachet d'Or. (Extra Dry and Medium Dry) / Cachet d'Or. Carte Blanche. (Dry, Medium Dry, and Rich) / Carte Blanche. Carte Noire. (Dry and Medium Dry). / Carte Noire. N.B.--The brand on the corks is an anchor instead of an eagle.

GIBERT, GUSTAVE, Reims. Cock, Russell, and Co.'s address is 23, Rood Lane, London.

GIESLER & CO., Avize. The corks of the firm's Extra Superior quality wine are branded "Extra Superior" on the side.

IRROY, ERNEST, Reims. The New York agent is F. O. de Luze, 18, South William Street, New York. W. E. Hepp is no longer M. Irroy's agent for New Orleans.

* * * * *

[Author's errata sheet, second part]

The following are the correct brands of MM. de Saint-Marceaux & Co.:--

DE SAINT-MARCEAUX & CO., Reims Groves & Co., 5, Mark Lane, London Hermann Bätjer & Bro., New York [Cork] Vin Brut Carte d'Or (Extra Dry) / Very dry. Bouzy Nonpareil (Dry) / Vin Sec. Carte Blanche (Medium) For America only. Dry Royal [Cork] Second (Medium) [Cork] Third (id.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Missing or incorrect punctuation in the List of Brands has been silently regularized.

Expressions such as "132lbs." were consistently printed without space.

A number of words were printed both with and without umlaut. These have generally been left unchanged: Wurzburg / Würzburg Rudesheim / Rüdesheim Muller / Müller (also Siligmüller / -muller) Three occurrences of "Moët" were printed without dieresis. It has been silently supplied.

Table of Contents: II.--THE VINTAGE IN THE CHAMPAGNE. ... 20 last digit of page number invisible the future roues of the Regency accent on "roués" missing in original Baume's aerometer first "e" in "aerometer" illegible the Champenois winegrowers printed at midline without usual hyphen

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