Facts About Champagne and Other Sparkling Wines

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Firms and Wholesale Agents. Brands. Qualities. / On side of Corks.

AYALA & CO., Ay Ayala, 7, Little Tower Street, London Rinck & Unger, 50, Park Place, New York [Cork] Carte Blanche / Extra. Carte Noire / Première. [Cork] Second

BINET FILS & CO., Reims Rutherford & Browne, Old Trinity House, 5, Water Lane, London. [Cork] Extra First Second / Binet fils & Cie. [all varieties]

BOLLINGER, J., Ay L. Mentzendorf, 6, Idol Lane, London. E. and J. Burke, 40, Beaver Street, New York. [Cork] Very Dry Extra / Very Dry Extra quality. Dry Extra / Dry Extra quality.

BRUCH-FOUCHER & CO., Mareuil L. Ehrmann, 34, Gt. Tower Street, London. [Cork] Carte D'Or First Second

CLICQUOT-PONSARDIN, Veuve, Reims (WERLE & CO.) Fenwick, Parrot, & Co., 124, Fenchurch Street, London. Schmidt Bros., New York. [Cork] Dry Rich / England. [both varieties]

DE CAZANOVE, C., Avize J. R. Hunter, 46, Fenchurch Street, London [Cork] Extra / Extra qualité. First Second Third Fourth [Cork] Fifth

DEUTZ & GELDERMANN, Ay J. R. Parkington & Co., 21, Crutched Friars, London. [Cork] Gold Lack (Extra Dry and Dry) / Gold Lack. Cabinet (Extra Dry and Dry) / Cabinet.

DUCHATEL-OHAUS, Reims Woellworth & Co., 70, Mark Lane, London [Cork] Carte Blanche (Dry and Rich) Verzenay (Dry and Rich) Sillery (Dry and Rich)

DUMINY & CO., Ay Mogford, Courtenay, & Co., 16, Mark Lane, London Anthony Oechs, New Street, New York [Cork] Extra / Maison fondée en 1814. [both brands] [Cork] First / Maison fondée en 1814. [both brands]

FARRE, CHARLES, Reims Hornblower & Co., 50, Mark Lane, London Gilmore & Gibson, Baltimore Mel & Sons, San Francisco [Cork] Cabinet (Grand Vin) / Cabinet Grand Vin. [Cork] Carte Blanche / Carte Blanche. Carte Noire / Carte Noire. [Cork] Sillery Sec / Sillery Sec. [Cork] Sillery / Sillery. [Cork] Ay Mousseux / Ay.

FISSE, THIRION, & Co., Reims Stallard and Smith, 25, Philpot Lane, London [Cork] Cachet d'Or (Extra Dry and Medium Dry) / Cachet d'Or. Carte Blanche (Dry, Medium Dry, and Rich) / Carte Blanche. [Cork] Carte Noire (Dry and Medium Dry). / Carte Noire.

GIBERT, GUSTAVE, Reims Cock, Russell, & Co., 63, Great Tower Street, London Hays & Co., 40, Day Street, New York [Cork] Vin du Roi [Cork] Extra [Cork] First [Cork] Second [Cork] Third All these wines are prepared Extra Dry, Dry, or Rich.

GIESLER & CO., Avize F. Giesler & Co., 32, Fenchurch Street, London. Purdy & Nicholas, 43, Beaver Street, New York [Cork] Extra Superior India / India. First [Cork] Second [Cork] Third

HEIDSIECK & CO., Reims. Theodor Satow & Co., 141, Fenchurch Street, London Schmidt & Peters, 20, Beaver Street, New York [Cork] Dry Monopole. Monopole (Rich) Dry Vin Royal Grand Vin Royal (Rich)

IRROY, ERNEST, Reims. Cuddeford & Smith, 66, Mark Lane, London O. de Saye, 18, South William Street, New York W. E. Hepp, 101, Gravier Street, New Orleans [Cork] Carte d'Or, Dry / Carte d'Or, Sec. Carte d'Or / Carte d'Or.

KRUG & Co., Reims Inglis and Cunningham, 60, Mark Lane, London A. Rocherau & Co., New York Hillman Bros. & Co., San Francisco [Cork] Carte Blanche / Carte Blanche, England. Private Cuvée / Private Cuvée, England. [Cork] First / England. [Cork] Second

MOËT & CHANDON, Epernay Simon & Dale, Old Trinity House, 5, Water Lane, London, Agents for Great Britain and the Colonies Renauld, François, & Co., 23, Beaver Street, New York J. Hope & Co., Montreal [Cork] Brut / Imperial, England. Creaming / Creaming, England. Extra Superior / Extra Superior, England. Extra Dry Sillery White Dry Sillery / White Dry, England. [Cork] First Quality / England. Second Quality

MONTEBELLO, DUC DE, Mareuil-sur-Ay John Hopkins & Co., 26, Crutched Friars, London Cazade, Crooks, & Reynaud, 25, South William St., N.Y. [Cork] Cuvée Extra / Cuvée Extra. Carte Blanche / Reserve. Carte Bleue / Cte. Bleue. Carte Noire / Cte. Noire.

MUMM, G. H., & CO., Reims W. J. and T. Welch, 10, Corn Exchange Chambers, Seething Lane, London F. de Bary & Co., 41 and 43, Warren Street, New York [Cork] Carte Blanche / Cuvée Extra. Extra Dry / Extra Dry. Extra / Extra. First / First. For America only. Cordon Rouge / Cordon Rouge. Extra Dry / Extra Dry. Dry Verzenay / Dry Verzenay.

MUMM, JULES, & CO., Reims Jules Mumm & Co., 3 & 4, Mark Lane, London [Cork] Extra Dry Dry

PÉRINET & FILS, Reims John Barnett & Son, 36, Mark Lane, London Wood, Pollard, & Co., Boston, U.S. Hooper and Donaldson, San Francisco [Cork] Cuvée Réservée (Extra Dry) / Cuvée Reservée. White Dry Sillery / White Dry Sillery.

PERRIER-JOUËT & CO., Epernay A. Boursot & Co., 9, Hart Street, Crutched Friars, London [Cork] Cuvée de Réserve / Extra Pale Dry Creaming First [Cork] Second [Cork] Third

PIPER, H., & CO., Reims (KUNKELMANN & CO.) W. Foster Newton & Son, 3, Maiden Lane, E.C., London John Osborn, Son, & Co., New York and Montreal [Cork] Très-Sec (Extra Dry) / Kunkelmann & Co. [all varieties] Sec (Very Dry) Carte Blanche (Rich)

PFUNGST FRÈRES & CIE., Ay, Epernay J. L. Pfungst & Co., 23, Crutched Friars, London [Cork] Carte d'Or (Dry, Extra Dry, and Brut) / Carte d'Or. Sillery Crêmant (Extra Dry and Brut) / Sillery Crêmant. Carte Noire (Dry, Extra Dry, and Brut) / Carte Noire. Cordon Blanc (Full, Dry, and Extra Dry) / Cordon Blanc.

POL ROGER & CO., Epernay Reuss, Lauteren, & Co., 39, Crutched Friars, London [Cork] Vin Réservé.

POMMERY, VEUVE, Reims (POMMERY & GRENO) A. Hubinet, 24, Mark Lane, London Charles Graef, 65, Broad Street, New York [Cork] Extra Sec (Vin Brut) / Veuve Pommery. [Cork] Sec

ROEDERER, LOUIS, Reims Grainger & Son, 108, Fenchurch Street, London [Cork] Carte Blanche / Reims, Carte Blanche, Gt.-Britain.

ROEDERER, THÉOPHILE, & CO., MAISON FONDÉE EN 1861, Reims Théophile Roederer & Co., 150, Fenchurch Street, London [Cork] Crystal Champagne, Special Cuvée / Special Cuvée. Extra Reserve / Cuvée / Reserve Cuvée. Extra Superior Carte Blanche Dorée / Carte Blanche Dorée Extra Quality Carte Blanche / Carte Blanche. First Quality Carte Noire / Carte Noire. Verzenay / Verzenay.

ROUSSILLON, J., & CO., Epernay J. Roussillon & Co., 15, New Broad Street, London D. St. Amant & Son, 13, South William Street, New York [Cork] First Cuvée Second Cuvée Dry Verzenay Sillery Sec / 1874 Extra Sec.

RUINART, PÈRE ET FILS, Reims Ruinart, Père et Fils, 22, St. Swithin's Lane, London [Cork] Carte Anglaise Dry Pale Crêmant Extra Dry Sparkling Carte Blanche First

DE SAINT-MARCEAUX & CO., Reims Groves &, Co., 5, Mark Lane, London Hermann Batjer & Bro., New York [Cork] Vin Brut Carte d'Or (Extra Dry) / Very dry. Bouzy Nonpareil (Dry) / Vin Sec. Carte Blanche (Medium) [Cork] Second (Medium) [Cork] Third (id.) For America only. Dry Royal


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