Facilitators of Change Nutrition/Behavior Counseling

*Safety and Feeding Your Child

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*Safety and Feeding Your Child:

  • When you were pregnant, what were some things you did to make sure your baby had a safe environment inside of you?”

  • Have you baby-proofed your home? If so, how?”

  • What have you learned about infant safety now that you’re a parent? What safety advice would you give other new parents if you could?”

  • Why are car seats necessary every time your infant travels in a car?”

  • What kind of car seat do you have? Do you put it in the front or back seat? To what age should children ride in car seats?”

*Sick Baby:

  • How long should you wait before calling a doctor about a fever, rash, or bowel abnormality?”

  • When else should you call the doctor?”

  • What is a normal temperature and when is a fever dangerous?”

  • What are some common symptoms of sick infants?”

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