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Where? Oh! Where is Folic Acid?

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Where? Oh! Where is Folic Acid?
Women should eat foods naturally rich in folate, such as dark green leafy vegetables, orange juice, dried peas, beans, and lentils; however, taking a daily dietary supplement (a multivitamin or pill containing 400 mcg folic acid) is an easy and effective way to enrich the diet. Additionally, many WIC approved cereals are fortified with 100% of the recommended daily value of folic acid, providing an excellent option to supplements.

In A Nutshell………To Help Prevent Birth Defects

Who? All women who can become pregnant, even if they do not plan to!
What? 400 mcg of Folic Acid as a vitamin supplement or in a multiple vitamin every day. Or daily consumption of a breakfast cereal fortified with 100% folic acid.
When? Before becoming pregnant. This is because the neural tube forms before the end of the 4th week of pregnancy – before most women even know they are pregnant.
Where? Folic acid can be purchased at drug stores and grocery stores.
Why? To potentially reduce the incidence of neural tube defects (spina bifida) by 50-70%.
How? Taking a daily Folic Acid supplement or eating a breakfast cereal fortified with 100% folic acid are easy and effective ways to increase the amount of folic acid in the diet. Research clearly tells us now that the old teaching of vitamins being “unnecessary” is no longer true.

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