Facilitators of Change Nutrition/Behavior Counseling

*Breastfeeding Older Infants

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*Breastfeeding Older Infants:

  • When do you think you might stop breastfeeding? What are your reasons?”

  • When do you feel is a good time to wean a baby?”

  • When is a child too old to be breastfed? Reasons?”

  • What do you know about what others have done (family, friends, neighbors…)?”

  • Does anyone have any suggestions about weaning?”

  • What have you heard are some of the differences between weaning from a bottle and from the breast?”

  • How do you handle nursing in public?”

  • What have you found to be advantages/drawbacks about nursing an older infant?”

  • What happens when a nursing baby gets teeth?”

  • Has anyone here ever tandem nursed (nursing both an infant and the older sibling) or known anyone who has? What can you tell us about it?”

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