Facilitators of Change Nutrition/Behavior Counseling

*Miscellaneous Management Issues

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*Miscellaneous Management Issues:

  • How does your baby let you know he/she is hungry?”

  • What are some reasons why babies cry?”

  • What happens when your baby cries?”

  • What are some techniques you’ve used or heard about to soothe a fussy or colicky baby?”

  • What have you heard about using birth control while breastfeeding?”

  • What birth control methods have been recommended to you to use while you are still breastfeeding?”

  • Has anyone heard that you can’t get pregnant as long as you’re breastfeeding? What do you think about that?”

  • If you’ve had problems with breastfeeding, how have you handled them?”

  • If anyone has had a problem such as a plugged duct, breast infection, an illness, etc., can you share how you handled it?”

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