Facilitators of Change Nutrition/Behavior Counseling

*Successful Breastfeeding

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*Successful Breastfeeding

  • What do you feel is successful breastfeeding?”

  • How do you think breastfeeding makes the mother feel?”

  • How does breastfeeding keep your baby healthy?”

  • How long do you think a woman should breastfeed?”

*Concerns of Breastfeeding the First Few Weeks

  • What are some ways to position or hold your baby while feeding?”

  • How often do you think you should nurse a newborn?”

  • How do you know your baby is hungry?”

  • How do you know your baby is satisfied or full?”

  • When would you not want to give supplements?”

  • What reason other than hunger would your baby want to nurse?”

  • Do you know anyone who had sore nipples?”

  • How can you avoid sore nipples?”

  • What if you had to leave the baby for a short time?”

  • What if you have a c-section?”

  • What if you need medication?”

  • What have you heard about birth control while breastfeeding?”

  • What birth control methods have been recommended to you while breastfeeding?”

  • What do you expect it to be like when you first start to breastfeed?”

  • How long do you think it will take for you and your baby to learn to breastfeed?”

  • Who are the people that are going to be around you when you breastfeed?”

  • What do they think now about your breastfeeding?”

  • How do you think they’ll act when you’re breastfeeding?”

  • What would you like them to do? How can they help you?”

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