Facilitators of Change Nutrition/Behavior Counseling

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Loss of Freedom:

  • Would anyone like to share their plans for after the baby is born? What do you think your schedule will be like?”

  • Does anyone plan to go to work or school after the baby is born? How are you planning to handle it?”

  • How do you feel about leaving your baby with a sitter?”

  • Have you ever heard that if you breastfeed, your baby will be overly attached, clingy, or spoiled?”

  • Is there anything in your life that you feel you’ll be giving up in order to breastfeed your baby?” Can you share some of these?”

Dietary and Health Practices:

  • What are some things you’ve heard about breastfeeding and…

  • not being able to eat certain foods (junk food, spicy foods, etc.)?”

  • having to follow a specific diet?”

  • drinking enough milk?”

  • drinking wine, beer, or cocktails?”

  • smoking?”

  • taking drugs?”

  • having to get lots of sleep?”

  • needing to be calm and relaxed?”

  • taking medications for colds, headaches, allergies, etc.?”

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