Facilitators of Change Nutrition/Behavior Counseling

Possible Discussion Topics

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Possible Discussion Topics:

*Risk factors identified at time of certification.
*Inappropriate Weight Gain Pattern:

  • How have you been feeling?”

  • What has your doctor said?”

  • What have other people told you?”

  • What do you think about your weight gain?”

  • What are some reasons to gain weight? How much?”

  • What do you think would be most helpful?”

See Prenatal Discussion Session P-1 for additional questions relating to weight gain.

*Nutrition/Metabolic Concerns such as Diabetes Mellitus

  • How have you been feeling?”

  • When was your blood sugar last checked?”

  • How is management of your blood sugar going?”

  • Who is helping you with management of your diet and blood sugar?”

  • What do you know about risks to you and the baby related to your diabetes?”

  • What has your doctor said?”

* Prenatal Care

*Ask the client if she is receiving prenatal care. If she is not, make an immediate referral.

*If she is receiving prenatal care, suggested topics include:

  • Where?”

  • When?”

  • For how long?”

  • Any questions about what the doctor or nurse has said?”

  • Tell me about finding:

  • What do you think about:

  • childbirth classes?” (if available)

  • parenting classes?” (if available)

  • Where will you:

  • get your postpartum check up?”

  • take the baby for well child check-ups and immunizations?”

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