Facilitators of Change Nutrition/Behavior Counseling

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Appropriate handouts and pamphlets as deemed necessary; based on the clients special needs, questions, or problems.


Session Outline:

  1. Opening the session.

  • Introduce yourself with individual eye contact (if culturally appropriate) and confirmation of client’s gestational status. This is a good neutral ground to start the discussion and can be an opening to assess the client’s awareness and knowledge base of pregnancy. Comments referring to the fetal development like “The baby weighs about a pound now” or referring to the number of weeks/months to go, and general questions about other pregnancies, if appropriate, can help the client feel more comfortable and provide an opportunity for the nutritionist TO LISTEN to the participant.

  • Quickly review records and notes for any identified risks needing intervention or reassessment. Along with those concerns voiced by the woman at the meeting, these factors will determine the direction of that discussion.

  1. Go through question format relating to health care history and current needs defined by the client. Make notes if needed and listen to responses for leading the inquiry.

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