Facilitators of Change Nutrition/Behavior Counseling

* Goals Need To Be Specific and Measurable

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* Goals Need To Be Specific and Measurable
If your client is unsure what they would like to do to improve their health-

related lifestyle, have them describe, as thoroughly as possible, an area they

wish to improve. This description will probably allow them many

possibilities for small goals. They then need only pick the one or two they

wish to try first.
* Be Realistic, Not Perfectionistic

When goals are unrealistic, they often set the stage for failure. One may

think the goal isn’t dramatic enough, so why bother. The small successes set

us up for bigger and bigger successes. Since change is a lifelong process,

these small successes set the stage for continued growth. We build self-

confidence and self-esteem if we succeed even in the small things. Help

your clients set themselves up for success.

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