Facilitators of Change Nutrition/Behavior Counseling

*Working As a Group to Define Goals

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*Working As a Group to Define Goals
- Divide clients into groups of three or four.
- Have clients introduce themselves to the other people in their group.

this session.

  • Have clients make a list of what they want to get out of the session.

The facilitator should list goals on flipchart or blackboard.

  • Goals can be used to determine topics for the group to cover in the

This activity can also be used as an opener. For example, in a session for pregnant women discussing breastfeeding, have each group come up with a list of advantages and disadvantages on breastfeeding. Have groups share their lists with other groups in the session. The lists can be used as a starting point for the discussion session. Other group topics could include questions such as:

  • “What advice would you give to a mother who wants to know about

feeding infants?”
- “What should you eat during pregnancy?”
- “What about feeding children?”

- “What about making baby food?”

- “What about breastfeeding?”

*Me and My Food

or drawing pictures. Give them a few minutes to complete the


- Have them find a partner and share their answers.


  1. My favorite food is _________________________________________.

  1. My favorite food when I’m sick is _______________________.

  1. My favorite food when I was a child was __________________.

  1. My favorite vegetable is ______________________________.

  1. My favorite snack food is _____________________________.

  1. The food I dislike the most is __________________________.

(Make this into a handout to make the exercise easier for the client. Provide pens or pencils if possible.)

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