Facilitators of Change Nutrition/Behavior Counseling

* Assist Members in Gaining Resources

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* Assist Members in Gaining Resources.
Provide sources of additional information such as pamphlets, videos, or referrals.
* Above All – Have Fun!
Remember that it takes time for a group to grow and develop trust. Be patient and never define success by the number of people attending the session. Enjoy yourself and the group members, and encourage them to do the same.


  1. WIC participants/caregivers should be given choices in being involved in designing their own nutrition education plan for a number of reasons:

*The WIC Program is advancing nutrition education by encouraging participants to be partners in facilitated group discussions.

*Allowing choices is fundamental to effective adult learning.
*Just as children can be offered healthy food, but not forced to eat, people can be given opportunities to learn, but not forced to participate.

  1. In devising individual nutrition education plans, the following guidelines should be used:

*At certification, each WIC participant/caregiver will be given a list of all discussion sessions and encouraged to select a group session to attend as a follow-up visit based on the individualized nutrition plan.

*If the participant/caregiver is hesitant or needs more information, the certifying health professional will describe the session topics in a positive way and reinforce the importance of attending, the benefits to the participant, and the benefits to the whole group when the participant/caregiver participates.

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