Facilitators of Change Nutrition/Behavior Counseling

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* Focus On Topics.
Focusing emphasizes a particular subject that you think would be helpful for the group to explore (or rather, the group has made it obvious to you that they want it to be further explored). Commonly, a specific topic (or topic area) repeatedly surfaces in the flow of the conversation, in which case it may seem natural to further discuss and clarify it. This may happen spontaneously, or as the facilitator, you may need to ask more open-ended questions relating to the specific issue. The purpose of focusing the conversation in this case would be to help everyone better understand and further express their feelings about an issue that they have shown is relevant to them.
Another reason to focus the discussion would be to help make sense of a conversation that has ended up rambling, jumping from topic to topic without any sense of clarification, or has become unrelated to the session’s objective(s). When the conversation seems to have confused both you and the participants, it is time to get things back in focus. To do this, you could select one particular point to repeat or condense a number of points into a selective summary in order to concentrate on how the participants are feeling, how their babies or children have been acting, etc.

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