Facilitators of Change Nutrition/Behavior Counseling

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Session outline follows.


Session Outline:

  1. Opening the session.

  • Introductions: Introduce yourself. Give everyone the opportunity to know a little about each other, and to practice speaking to the group. Begin by having each person introduce themselves. They can give their names, their children’s names and ages, or other information you think of.

  • Icebreaker Exercise – optional, see earlier section of “Facilitating WIC Discussion Groups.”

  1. Ask general, non-specific, open-ended questions to open up the discussion and to elicit clients’ concerns, as well as strategies for addressing their concerns during the discussion:

  • What is a favorite food that your child eats and enjoys at this particular time in his or her life?”

  • What is a food that your child does not eat?”

  • How old are your children and what are their favorite foods to eat right now?”

  • What are your child’s specific eating habits?”

  • What foods does your child avoid?”

  • Do you fix any certain foods for your child that they eat especially well?”

  • What foods do you order for your children in a restaurant and why?”

  • Are there any foods you don’t think your child should have because of his age and what are they?”

  • Do you know any foods that children might choke on?”

  • How do you make meal time more comfortable for your child?”

  • Can your child use one utensil better than another?”

  • What are some things you have learned from others about feeding children?”

  • What do you consider your responsibilities at mealtime, and what are your child’s?”

  • Has anyone had a child who insisted on eating only one thing for a long time?” What was it and how long did it last?”

  • How do you try to control what your child eats?”

  • What is something you noticed recently about your child’s eating skills that might have changed?”

Ask participants to give ages of their children and describe something their children do that is funny or even confusing.

  1. If needed, help refocus the discussion on any of the following topic areas or specific issues:

  1. Closing the session.

  • Summarize the key points of the discussion.

  • Thank everyone for their participation.

  • Close the meeting.

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