Facilitators of Change Nutrition/Behavior Counseling

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Points of Purchase

  • Fast Foods and Restaurants

  • Being away from home

  • Quick, simple recipes

  • Plan your leftovers

    • Smart Buying (See alternative method 1, following)

    • Coupons

    • Brand names

    • Impulse buying

    • Unit pricing

    • Where to shop

    • Reading the ads

    • Nutrition Labels

    • Meal Planning

    • Self Esteem Exercise

    • Define yourself as a healthy eater.

    1. Closing the session.

    • Summarize the key points of the discussion.

    • Thank everyone for their participation.

    • Close the meeting.


    The weekly grocery ad flyer is a great way to plan menus and assist the client in staying within a budget.

    The weekly grocery flyer can be used to present The Food Guide Pyramid in a practical way. Here are some questions to help guide the discussion about food groups, planning menus, and family eating goals:

    • What are some foods on the grocery sale flyer that are included in the bread & cereal group, the milk group, the fruit group, the vegetable group, and the meat group?”

    • What foods do you think are an especially good value?”

    • How much do you need to buy to feed your family a serving size?”

    • What are some foods on the Pyramid that your family likes and how do you serve them?”

    • How do you normally plan your family menus?”

    • Compare snack food with fruits and vegetables. Show how expensive the snack foods are per serving.”


    “Can you help me?”

    These case studies are examples of situations our participants find themselves in. By solving these case studies, they may find possible solutions to some of their food-related questions.

    Note: The following case study may be used or participants may want to give their own example.

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