Facilitators of Change Nutrition/Behavior Counseling

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  1. The Strength of Iron

  2. Foods for Your Child 1-3 Years

  3. Foods for Your Child 4-6 Years

  4. Watching Your Child’s Weight

  5. Protect Your Family from Lead

  6. Oral Health for Infants and Children

  7. Helping Your Child Gain Weight

  8. 5 A Day...For Better Health!! NutraNote

  9. Is Your Child A Picky Eater?

  10. Food Guide Pyramid

  11. Milk Recipe Book

  12. Cheese Recipe Book

  13. Egg Recipe Book


Session outline follows.


Session Outline:

  1. Opening the session.

  • Introductions: Introduce yourself. Give everyone the opportunity to know a little about each other, and to practice speaking to the group. Begin by having each person introduce themselves. They can give their names, their children’s names and ages, or other information you think of.

  • Icebreaker Exercise – optional, see earlier section of “Facilitating WIC Discussion Groups.”

  1. Ask general, non-specific, open-ended questions to open up the discussion and to elicit clients’ concerns, as well as strategies for addressing their concerns during the discussion:

  • Has anyone heard about the Food Pyramid?”

  • How do you try to work variety into your diet?”

  • How do the portion sizes you receive in restaurants compare with those you usually eat at home?”

  • What are the barriers you see to eating a wider variety of foods?”

  • What role does variety play in the diet?”

  • If you could have more time or money to spend on your diet, what would you choose and why?”

  • What can you do when you eat away from home to try to follow the Food Pyramid?”

  • What creative ways have you used to work more fruits and vegetables into your children’s’ diets?

  • When you pick a restaurant to go to, what is important?”

  1. If needed, help refocus the discussion on any of the following topic areas or specific issues:

  • Food Pyramid

  • Servings sizes

  • Foods within the Pyramid

  • Pyramid review

  • Leader nutrients

  • Variety

  • Barriers to Following the Pyramid

  • Expense

  • Time

  • Cooking Skills

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