Facilitators of Change Nutrition/Behavior Counseling

*Water Supply Safety and Fluoride Levels

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*Water Supply Safety and Fluoride Levels:

  • What is your main source of water?”

  • What does safe water mean to you?”

  • Has anyone had their water tested to determine if it’s safe?”

  • How did you go about having it tested?”

  • What minerals does your water contain?”

  • How can you kill bacteria in your water to make it safer?”

  • What happens to minerals when water is boiled?”

  • Is bottled water safe? What is distilled water?”

  • Does your water have fluoride in it? Why do cities add fluoride to the water supply?”

  • Why is it important to know if your water is fluoridated?”

*Weight Gain:

  • What is appropriate weight gain for infants?”

  • What factors will influence birth weight?”

  • What factors will influence infant weight gain?”

  • How can you tell if your baby is gaining enough or too much weight

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