Facilitator: Nick Caballero

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WPA General Monthly Meeting Minutes 6.3.13

Meeting Called by: Nick Caballero

Facilitator: Nick Caballero

Time Keeper: Wendy Paul

Type of Meeting: WPA General Monthly Meeting

Minute Taker: Notes by Nick Caballero

Quorum obtained
Meeting called to order at 7:39
In attendance 
Ellen Pelli,

Marcus Pelli

Consuelo Evans

David Calton

Douglas Fleisher

Peter Basso -Advisor

Theresa Haywood

Douglas Korvas- Advisor

Trustees in attendance - Quorum at 7:43PM
Nick Caballero

Wendy Paul

Mory Thomas

Craig Hanlon

Lisa Blando

Katherine Crawford-Gray 

Minutes Ratified from 5.1.13 General Monthly Meeting and Special Trustee Meeting held on 5.23.13 uploaded to WPA Meetup files
Presidents Report - Nick Caballero
- Coordinated with HC Parks regarding Movies in the Park Series. 6 HC Parks to screen movies (Stephen R. Gregg Park in Bayonne, Columbus Park in Hoboken, Lincoln Park in Jersey City, Washington Park in Jersey City/Union City, West Hudson park in Kearny and JJ Braddock Park in north Bergen.
- Met with HC Parks / MKW and Peter Basso met regarding Green Acres Grant and Park Upgrades
- Coordinated a meeting with Mayor Stack, his architect Ralph Tango, Mark Albiez, Ken Jennings, Joe Cechinni and Randy Vonier regarding both WPA and UC park upgrade projects mirroring each other to show a cohesive park design.

* Meeting went very well, other options are now on the table as they solidify we will share the results.

- Helped to plan and organize the details for the Goldman Sachs TeamWorks Day on Friday, May 31st.
- Helped to organize, plan and execute our annual planting in the park program, which was a great success. Special Thanks to all our Trustees, advisors, volunteers and sponsors (my company IFL, Empire Realty and Reliable Wood Products.
Vice President’s Report
May 1 - Set up for WPA fundraiser; coordinated with Mory Thomas with Gourmet Dining, HCCC for volunteers
May 2 - Continued set up during the day at Loews; WPA fundraiser in evening
May 6 - WPA Monthly Meeting
May 10 - Attended Grace Church fundraiser
May 15 - LAP Grant Meet and Greet
May 23 - Trustee Meeting
Secretary Report
Trustee Meeting Held May 23rd- Minutes posted on Meet up site

Treasurers Report

Washington Park Association of Hudson County, Inc. Treasurer’s Report
January 7, 2013
By Katherine Crawford-Gray

Financial Statements
The following figures are based on preliminary reports for 2012. Once the 2012 financial statements have been fully reconciled, a final report will be presented.

For January – December 2012, WPA is reporting (in rounded figures):

  • Revenue $53,000

  • Expenses $49,000

  • Surplus $4,00 

  • Grants comprise 44% of all revenue

  • Fundraising from individuals comprise 36%

  • Business Sponsorship comprises 16%

  • Individual members contribute 2% 

  • Programs comprise 92.4% of all expenditure

  • Operations account for 7.6% of all expenditure

  • These are well within acceptable benchmarks for nonprofits 

  • The $4,000 projected surplus includes funds that WPA are holding from joint fundraisers 
with Lowes Theatre (Films) and Riverview Neighborhood Association (Movies in the Parks) 
Actions for January 2013 are to:

  1. Review the 2012 Financial reports and finalize

  2. Prepare a new chart of accounts for 2013 that are aligned with the EZ-Form 990 that 
WPA is required by law to submit on the IRS on an annual basis

  3. Prepare budgets for 2013 that identify fundraising goals.

Dave Calton North District Report
3 Burglaries out of 22 in Washington park Area
2 Burglary arrests
Call Patricia Logan regarding crosswalks
License Plates and Car Descriptions
County Engineering regarding Lights and timing at Paterson Plank Rd and Congress

(NJ Transit involved as well)

Other - Dog Run needs to be refreshed

All topics were discussed as listed on the Agenda
Re - WPLIVE! professional Artist and Artisan Food

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