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Unsatisfactory Use of the Face-to-Face Time

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Unsatisfactory Use of the Face-to-Face Time

There are several comments that recur in both focus groups where students express their disappointment at the time usage during face-to-face sessions:

“Poor use of time in college” was a typical comment.

Staff Points of View

The staff workshop/focus group was held at the end of the first academic year and was attended by academic staff involved with the course delivery, support and administration.

Technological Platform

The standard technological platform (Blackboard) offered this course a robust, centrally supported and comprehensive infrastructure. However, there was the aspect of being overwhelmed by the functionality:

“I think that one of the things that I would say is that when I first looked at the VLE last year I was a bit horror struck at how much functionality there was there.”

This was perceived as an opportunity rather then a threat:

“…we are one year into it, and we are all on a learning curve aren’t we, it’s just, eventually you will just say oh it can do this and it can do that and you just build on this I suppose.”

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