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Data Analysis Rationale

Data was collected using focus groups and interviews. Every participant was issued with a consent form that outlines the research background and draws attention to the anonymity of the participants. A video recording of the interview/focus group was made and transcribed afterwards. The transcription was shown back to the participants for verification.

The objective of the data collection was to gather the real life staff and student experience of being part of a blended learning course.

Having collected the data, we identify the main categories emerging and relate these to educational theories (Conversational Framework and the Five Stage model), and finally we draw conclusions on our understanding of blended learning.

Data Sample

Students, predominantly mature, with widely diverse skills and experience, are studying on a part time course in information technology. This comprises 4 modules per academic year and is supported by one lecturer and a graduate teaching assistant per module, who were available online, via email, telephone or for face-to-face support by appointments.

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